9 Ways to Use Socks That Lost Their Mate
(10 May 2016)

Uses for Single Socks Expresso

9 Ways to Use Socks That Lost Their Mate

We all know the frustration of losing a sock and being stuck with a whole bunch of single socks. What's even worse is knowing that as soon as you toss the sock in the bin, it's mate with probably show up somewhere.

If you do get stuck with a few single socks though, there are luckily a few creative and useful ways of re-purposing them!

Get the most out of your soap
This trick helps you make use of even the last slither of soap! Fill old socks with remaining bar of soap and tie them off for a soap-filled washcloth that uses every last bit of soap. You can also trim the socks to create a smaller, less sock-like pouch that can also be used to transport soap in your suitcase.

DIY Olof Sock Toy Expresso

Craft toys for kids
Regular old, white socks can be a palette for a variety of toys, from sock donuts to themed toys based on beloved cartoon characters. There are endless creative options when it comes to reassembling socks as stuffed toys and animals!

An armband for your phone
Old, single socks can get a new life working out at the gym by becoming an armband to hold your phone. All you have to do is cut off the heel and toe of the sock, slip the sock tube up your arm and fold to create a device-friendly pocket. 

Find tiny lost objects
Small items like earring backs, tiny screws, and hair clips are all easily lost in carpets and under furniture. Luckily, a solo sock can save the day and all of your small but important items that you can't find. Slide a sock over your vacuum cleaner hose and use a rubber band to secure. When you switch on the vacuum cleaner to search for small, lost items they will get caught in the sock, so you won't have to dig through a vacuum bag full of dust and dirt.

Make jerseys for your cat 

Kittens can have trouble regulating their body temperature but one lone sock can be fashioned into a sweater to help. You can even donate these cat jerseys to animal shelters to help keep all the kittens warm through the winter.


Baby knee-pads
Babies who are crawling can benefit from your old socks by turning them into miniature kneepads. By sniping off the foot of a sock, it can protect delicate legs from bumps and scrapes caused by repetitious crawling. And during cooler weather, they can serve as leg warmers, as well.

Hang socks as bird feeders
If you need to clear closet space, taking old socks outdoors is one way to recycle them. Thin socks and stockings are perfect for DIY thistle bird feeders that can be made in about two minutes.


Make a cup holder
Socks not only protect your feet, but they can also protect your hands from scalding mugs or icy cold cans. It can also be made in a matter of minutes: cut the sock above the heel to create a sleeve, then seal the cut edge with fabric glue to prevent fraying.

Pet Toys
Why buy new pet toys when you already have the materials in your sock drawer? For cats, fill socks with catnip and tie a knot for quick balls that will excite even the laziest feline. Homemade dog toys can make use of other household junk by filling socks with water bottles for crunch or sliding worn out tennis balls into a tube sock for a revamped tossing toy.

DIY Cat Sock Toy Expresso




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