B-Well Falafels with Lemon & Cucumber Yoghurt
(30 Jul 2020)

Bwell Falafels

B-Well Falafels with Lemon & Cucumber Yoghurt 

B-Well Falafels with Lemon & Cucumber Yoghurt 
Recipe by Josh Wiid
Serves 4
Prep time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time : 20 minutes

For the Falafel
1 tin Chickpeas, drained
½ tin Lentils, drained
1 tbsp Garlic and Ginger paste
1 tbsp Coriander, chopped
1 Chili, chopped
1 tsp Cumin, ground
1 tsp Coriander, ground
1 tsp Paprika
½ Onion
4 tbsp Flour
2 tbsp B-well Canola oil to fry
For the Yoghurt Dip
2 tbsp B-Well Original Tangy Mayo
½ cup Yoghurt
½ Cucumber, grated and water squeezed out
1 tbsp Lemon Juice and Zest
1 tbsp Mint, finely chopped
Salt and Pepper


To make the falafel, combine all the ingredients except the oil & flour into a food processor, and pulse until it comes together. You are not trying to make a puree, so no need to blend for too long. Add half the flour, mix and check consistency. Add more if needed. You are aiming for a thick hummus texture. 
Add a pinch of salt and pepper, mix, and preheat your pan or oil to fry. 

You can either deep fry, or pan fry depending on your preference. To pan fry, drop spoonfuls of the mixture into a pan over medium heat, and fry on both sides until golden and crispy. The process is the same with deep frying, it will just be faster.

Remove from oil and allow to drain on paper towel. 

To make the yoghurt dip, simply combine and mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and set aside for assembly.

Serve the falafels hot, with generous amounts of lemon and cucumber yoghurt and your favourite salads / pickles! 

If you prefer a coarser texture, you could keep a few of the chickpeas back before blending, roughly chop them, and add them to the batter when the mix is ready. This way you get some actual pieces of chickpea in the falafels. 

Chickpeas are extremely versatile, and can be enjoyed as hummus, in salads, roasted and crispy as a snack, or even as a decadent chickpea brownie. Swap half the tin of chickpeas out for the same amount of butterbeans, or even roasted butternut. Any starchy vegetable would work to use as the base of a falafel, chickpeas are the traditional base however.  

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