BP Pick a Box
(27 Nov 2017)

BP Fuel My Festive

BP Pick a Box

If you are an Avios member who has successfully entered the #bpfuelmyfestive competition during any one or more of the five entry periods listed below, you will automatically be entered into the BP Pick a Box Competition as well.

View the #BPFuelMyFestive promotion terms and conditions here.


Promotion valid from: 6h30 on 13 November 2017 and will end at 9h00 on 15 December 2017


Terms and conditions apply.

BP Pick A Box #bpfuelmyfestive


BP Pick a Box on Expresso Competition: Competition Terms and Conditions

All persons entering ("the Entrants") the BP Southern Africa (Pty) Limited (“BP”) Pick a Box on Expresso competition (“the BP Pick a Box Competition”) must be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older, must be a member of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme SA and must purchase fuel from BP. The promoter of the Competition is BP Southern Africa (Pty) Limited (“BP”), of BP House, 10 Junction Avenue, Parktown, 2193, Registration No. 1924/002602/07.
The BP Pick a Box Competition is run by BP in association with Cardova Trading (Pty) Ltd t/a Expresso (“Expresso”), collectively referred to herein as “the Organisers”.
The prizes are provided by BP.
The BP Pick a Box Competition promotion will start from 06h30 on 13 November 2017 and will end at 09h00 on 15 December 2017.
How to enter and determination of winners -

  • If you are an Avios member who has successfully entered the #bpfuelmyfestive competition (currently run by BP) during any one or more of the five entry periods (“Entry Periods”) listed below, you will automatically be entered into the BP Pick a Box Competition as well. (Please visit https://www.bp.com/en_za/on-the-road/south-africa/loyalty-and-offers/offers/competitions.html for the #bpfuelmyfestive competition details).
  • The five Entry Periods are as follows:
    • Entry Period 1 commences at 00h01 on 30 October 2017 and ends at 23h59 on 5 November 2017*;
    • Entry Period 2 commences at 00h01 on 6 November 2017 and ends at 23h59 on 12 November 2017;
    • Entry Period 3 commences at 00h01 on 13 November 2017 and ends at 23h59 on 19 November 2017;
    • Entry Period 4 commences at 00h01 on 20 November 2017 and ends at 23h59 on 26 November 2017;
    • Entry Period 5 commences at 00h01 on 27 November 2017 and ends at 23h59 on 3 December 2017.

*Entry Period 1 happened prior to the public announcement and promotion of the Competition and the winners for Entry Period 1 was drawn from the 21 (twenty-one) winners determined in accordance with the #bpfuelmyfestive competition for the corresponding period. Prizes relating to Entry Period 1 were allocated as supplementary to prizes received by such winners from the #bpfuelmyfestive competition.
Avios Group Limited (AGL) will randomly draw 8 (eight) winners from all valid entries received during each Entry Period (excluding Entry Period 1, which is determined as described above *) within 5 (five) days of the closing date of the respective Entry Period.
How to participate-

  • 7 (Seven) boxes will be placed on the set of the Expresso television show on SABC 3 (“Expresso”). A prize will be allocated to each box. Prizes will randomly be allocated to the boxes at the sole and unfettered discretion of Expresso.
  • Each winner will be phoned live on Expresso during the week following the determination of the winner (which could be on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) and will be requested to pick 1 (one) of the 7 (seven) boxes. The winner will receive the prize allocated to the box he/she selected.
  • Each winner will be contacted telephonically by Expresso on the Thursday or Friday following the closing of the Entry Period from which the winner’s name was drawn (i.e. the week prior to participation live on Expresso) to:-
    • inform him/her that he/she has been selected to participate in the BP Pick a Box Competition;
    • inform the winner on which date and time the winner will be contacted live on the Expresso Show to participate; and
    • request a copy of the winner’s ID.
    • If a winner is not contactable on by 12h00 on the Friday following the closing date of the Entry Period and after the Organisers have made at least 3 (three) attempts to contact that winner, the winner will be disqualified and shall have no claim against BP or any of its agents. In the event of such disqualification, BP reserves the right to select a new winner under the same conditions, except that the Organisers shall only be required to make one attempt to contact each new person drawn until a winner is determined.
    • Note that if a winner is not contactable for any reason whatsoever on the date and time he/she is meant to participate live on Expresso, that winner will be disqualified, shall forfeit his/her right to participate in the selection of prizes, and shall have no claim against BP or its agents.

The pool of prizes from which items will be allocated to the 7 (seven) boxes for each winner to choose from include, but may not be limited to:

  • A share of 1,000,000 Avios Points
  • 10x Cellini Bags to the total value of R75 810.00
  • A R500 cash prize from a total value of R15 000.00
  • 4x Romoss Solo 2 4000mAh Power Bank to the value of R3 980.00 each
  • 2x Fine Living Selfie Stick with Bluetooth – Pink to the value of R745.00 each
  • 2x Waterproof Bluetooth Mini Speaker with Mic – BTS-06 – Pink - to the value of R1710.00 each
  • 2x Bestway – Flocked Air Pillow – White – to the value of R192.00 each
  • 2x Lumeno – Round LED Light – Blue - to the value of R740 each
  • 2x Mushroom Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Blue – to the value of R1990.00 each
  • 2x Seagull – 6 can Nylon Cooler Bag – Green – to the value of R495.00 each
  • 2x Volkano Impulse Series Bluetooth Headphones – White – to the value of R1734.00 each
  • 2x Creative Travel Collegiate Backpack – Black - to the value of R1113.00 each

For each winner the boxes will be filled, at the sole discretion of Expresso, with items remaining in the pool of prizes (i.e. which have not already been selected by previous winners herein) prior to that winner’s participation.
BP may at any time during the competition period add more items to the pool of prizes at its discretion.
Prizes will be delivered within 20 (twenty) business days from the winner’s participation on the Expresso live show to an address within the Republic of South Africa, or as otherwise determined by BP.
If the winner receives Avios as a prize, the following will apply:

  • Avios points are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios Terms and Conditions. Please visit www.avios.com/za for further details.
  • Should winners opt to use their Avios points to fly (internationally or nationally), neither Avios nor BP will cover the taxes, airport charges or any other additional costs associated with the flight. If winners elect to use their Avios points for car hire or hotels, neither Avios nor BP are liable for any additional associated costs. Avios and BP Terms and Conditions apply. (See full details at www.Avios.com and www.bp.com).
  • The Organisers do not guarantee the availability of flights and accommodation over the festive season.

Please note: Winners will be asked to take part in publicity for the Competition such as having their photograph taken for use on social media. Winners have the right to refuse to have their photograph taken but their names will be published on social media and other media.
The Organisers reserve the right to revoke the prize if the prize was won through any irregular or fraudulent activity, and the Organisers are able to prove such irregularity or fraudulent activity.
The Organisers will interpret the Competition rules (“the Rules”) in their sole discretion and reserve the right to amend the Rules at any time.
The Organisers their directors, members, partners, employees, agents, consultants, any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by them or any supplier of goods and services in connection with the BP Pick a Box Competition and their spouses, life partners, parents, children, siblings, business partners or associates are not eligible to participate in or enter the the BP Pick a Box Competition. No participation is valid until a validation process determined by the Organisers has taken place. Unclear and illegible purchases containing errors will be declared invalid.
Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the Entrant accepts the Rules and enters the BP Pick a Box Competition at his/her own risk and the Organisers and any suppliers of goods or services relating the BP Pick a Box Competition will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the Entrant participating in the Competition. Any free items or prizes are as stated and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Organisers will be final, and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
By participating in the BP Pick a Box Competition and/or accepting any give away, the Entrant hereby indemnifies, releases and holds harmless the Organisers (including their subsidiaries, holding companies and affiliates), their directors, employees, agents, suppliers and contractors (“the Organiser Parties”) from and against any actions, claims and/or liability for injury, loss or damage of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in the BP Pick a Box Competition, and/or the use, acceptance or possession of the prizes, and/or participation (or non-participation) in a prize-related activity (including, as a result of any act or omission, whether as a result of gross negligence, misrepresentation, misconduct or otherwise on the part of the Organisers and/or prizes won pursuant to this BP Pick a Box Competition).
The Organisers reserve the right to substitute any give away with another item of similar value. The Organisers reserve the right to require the Entrants to complete and submit a document for collection of information and indemnification to enable the Organisers to ensure compliance with these Rules. Should any of the Entrants be found not compliant with these Rules, he/she shall be automatically disqualified.
The Organisers reserve the right to terminate the BP Pick a Box Competition with immediate effect for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to a demand made by the Department of Energy to terminate the BP Pick a Box Competition. In such event, all Entrants hereby waive any rights which they may have against the Organisers and/or any of the parties identified above and acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature against such parties. The duration of the BP Pick a Box Competition may also be extended or curtailed at the sole discretion of the Organisers. The Organisers may in their sole discretion amend these terms and conditions at any time and such amendment(s) shall be deemed to have taken effect from the date of publication of the revised terms and condition on the www.bp.com site.
The Organisers are not liable for any technical failure that may result in the BP Pick a Box Competition entry not being successfully submitted. Any give away, prize or free item is accepted by any winner at his/her own risk.
Customers are only eligible to win prizes once every six months and once only for the BP Pick a Box Competition.
For help or enquiries please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 0214277555 which will operate during normal business hours 08h30 to 16h30, from Monday to Friday, excluding Public holidays. 
Entry implies acceptance of all the above Rules.
Standard BP Terms and Conditions apply. See www.bp.com for more details.

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