Behind The Scenes with drag queen Manila von Teez
(08 Feb 2017)

Manila von Teez Expresso

Behind The Scenes with drag queen Manila von Teez
When we had the opportunity to have the gorgeous Manila von Teez join us on Expresso Show, we jumped at the chance to have an icon, shed some more light on being a Drag Queen and the differences between it and transgender.

Manila von Teez has quickly become a household name, after coming 2nd in SA’s Got Talent in 2016, and featuring as the lead performer in The Kiffness’s latest music video - You Say You Love Me.  The video was dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragic Paris nightclub shooting.
Manila von Teez, frequently performs in drag shows in Cape Town and was ranked 7th most influential LGBT member in the world, behind TV reality star, Rupaul from Rupauls Drag Race.
Watch Manila von Teez, Jayde Kay and Maxine Wild with the Kiffness performance of You Say You Love Me on Expresso this morning:

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