Best Leon Schuster Characters
(28 Aug 2015)

Mr Bones Expresso

Best Leon Schuster Characters


Leon Schuster is South Africa’s very own master of disguise. Whether he’s pretending to be someone else to prank a few innocent bystanders for a candid camera gag, or undergoing a physical transformation for one of his narrative roles – there’s very little Leon can’t do.

As we’re looking forward to seeing his new film that opens in cinemas today, let’s take a look back at Leon’s greatest and best characters from previous films.


The Traffic Officer

Leon has played a traffic officer more than once, but most memorably when he pranked a bunch of new officers at a traffic police training facility in the 1989 film ‘Oh Schuks, it’s Schuster’ by making the poor officers in-training pretend to be traffic lights, give each other piggy-rides and even shoot live ammunition.


Yoghurt Commercial Director

In a true candid camera classic, Leon disguised himself as a TV commercial director filming a yoghurt commercial in Mitchell’s Plain. It wasn’t his character that made the scene legendary though, it was the poor victims he ordered to taste the disguisting yoghurt brew while keeping a smile for the camera, that really stole the show.


Mr Bones

Mr Bones is not only the highest grossing South African film of all time, its title character is also one of our favourite Leon Schuster characters.

In the 2001 film, Mr Bones is the survivor of an airplane crash and grows up to become the bone-throwing propheseir for the Kuvuki-land kingdom. The film’s sequal made its way to the big screen in 2008.



In his 1999 hit film Millennium Menace Leon played, among other characters, an old man being bossed about by his cheeky domestic helper played by Desmond Dube as they pranked shoppers in a Fochville supermarket.

The candid camera clip was one of the most talked about pranks from the film and Oupa became one of Leon’s most popular and loveable characters to date.


Mama Bolo

In the film Mama Jack, Schuster played one of his most popular roles: a fugutive named Jack Theron who disguises himself as Mama Bolo while on the run. The film shattered box office records after earning about R4million during its opening weekend in 2005.




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