DIY Step-up Ladder Closet
(12 May 2016)

DIY Ladder Shelf Builders Expresso

DIY Step-up Ladder Closet

You’ve heard about a walk-in closet, but how about a step-up closet? Ladder décor is trending right now, so we decided to tame the mess with this Builder DIY.

We tend to have a love-hate relationship with our clothes closet: love it when it’s organized and hate it when it’s cluttered and we can’t find anything. To help us all find the closet love a little bit more often, we have a creative closet solution to add the extra room you and your wardrobe desperately need.

What you'll need:

1x Ladder

2x Brackets 



PVC Paint colour of choice  





1. Prep your ladder and x2 wooden brackets first – sand it down so that the paint takes to it easily.

2. Paint your ladder x2 wooden brackets a fun and trendy colour for the bedroom – wait for it to dry.

3. Attach your x2 wooden brackets to your ladder with your drill and nails.

4. Mount your ladder and attached x2 wooden brackets on your bedroom wall surface area.

5. Once levelled with the mount in your position of choice – drill in the combined ladder and x2 wooden brackets into the wall.


Watch the DIY video here:

DIY ladder closet Expresso

Ladder Decor Trend Tips

- Old ladders are easy, inexpensive finds and the possibilities for DIY storage projects are endless. Bookshelves towel or quilt racks, plant stands, pot racks — you name it and you can come up with a clever way to turn that old ladder into virtually anything!

- Ladders, an unexpected interior décor element with lots of versatility.

- When decorating a room or home, everyone wants it to be unique. But it’s difficult to achieve that if you’re not creative. Sometimes the key to creating a one-of-a-kind interior décor is to use elements in unexpected ways and to think out of the box. For example, have a ladder in your home. Don’t use it as a tool, as a functional piece but as a decorative element.

- When one clothing rack is not enough to keep your favorite clothes organized, you can have two or as many as needed. In fact, how about turning one of the walls in your bedroom into a dressing area or wardrobe?



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