Dr Eve: Relationships in the workplace
(13 Jun 2017)

Office romance

Dr Eve: Relationships in the workplace

Our local relationship expert Dr Eve came and explained the complex issue of mixing business and pleasure. We can all attest to being attracted to a co-worker but it’s how you deal with it that matters.

It seems like these days Cupid is always hard at work whether we like it or not, we are always given the advice of “don’t date people at work.” When you spend 8 or more hours a day with someone, you will often develop some sort of feelings towards them, whether it be platonic or romantic. Statistics in the USA however show that an estimates suggest that 70% of workers have had an office romance, with as many as 25-50% turn into marriage, so are office romances cant be all that bad.

The problem often comes in when are mentor and mentee, and manager and assistant. These dynamics can often lead problematic results due to power dynamics of the relationship, which can complicate things both at home and especially at work, this leads to why there are warnings against office romances. A problem with hierarchical pairings such as manager and assistant, is that an assistant may agree to their manager’s advances to fear of loosing their job. If one person wields more power at work over the other then they could possibly use that, if the relationship doesn’t work out.

There are many issues that could pop up such as that not both of you are single at the time so then the relationship also affect an outside person and sometimes possibly even children if one of you have any.

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