Easter Inspired Monster Milkshake
(13 Apr 2017)

Easter Inspired Monster Milkshake Easter Inspired Monster Milkshake

Recipe by Jason Scott

Milkshake (de-constructed tiramisu)
8 Boudoir biscuit
25ml Brandy
1 Espresso coffee
6 scoops vanilla bean ice cream
50gr Lindt chocolate (melted)
Milkshake (decor)
2 Easter egg marshmallow
Chocolate ganache (1 cup Lindt chocolate chips & 1 cup cream melted over a double boiler, allowed to cool till a paste like consistency)
Pinch white fairy dust glitter (edible)
12 white pearl balls (décor/edible)
50gr White chocolate (melted over a double boiler)
1 hot cross bun (choc chip preferable, but you can use a plain one and cut out the center to resemble a donut)
Chocolate mousse (any store bought one or powder mix if wanting to escape the hassle of making your own from scratch)
6 Easter eggs (mini white and Speckled)
3 Lindt chocolate bunnies
6 white and dark chocolate sticks
1 large white biscuit egg
Whipped cream
Candy floss (pink/blue)
2 decorative straws covered in popping chocolate candy and pearl balls
1 skewer with white and pink marshmallow
Pinch gold dust (edible)


Decorating (part 1)
Slice your marshmallow eggs into thin strips. You will be able to place these strips on the inside of the glass as they are already so sticky
Use a spoon or pour a little of the melted dark and white chocolate around the inside of the glass. Another tip is to pour the chocolate at the bottom of the glass and then wiggle and turn the glass to spread the chocolate all over evenly
Now smear the chocolate ganache over the outer top rim of the glass, much like smearing a peanut butter sandwich, the more the better
Now strategically place your white pearls all around the rim in the ganache followed by a sprinkle of white fairy dust

Place all the milkshake ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth. Play around with the flavours according to your preferences. If you prefer a strong brandy or coffee flavour adjust the amount slightly. Make sure that your ice cream is not soft as all these wet ingredients will already make it slightly watery, especially if you prefer a double thick milkshake. Now pour into the decorated glass.

Decorating (part 2)
Smear a little of the left over ganache underneath the hot cross bun before placing it on the glass to help it stick
Now pour white melted chocolate over the outer rim of the HC bun allowing it to pour over the edge
Pipe a circle of chocolate mousse on the HC bun to help hold the large white Easter egg in place
Break your chocolate sticks in 2cm pieces, sticking them into the HC bun thus  creating that nest effect
Pipe some more chocolate mousse around the egg before placing  the mini white Easter eggs and speckled eggs
Make little incisions in the bottom of the Lindt bunnies and place them on some of the chocolate sticks
Now fill the half of the interior of the white Easter egg with whipped cream
Place one broken boudoir biscuit on top of the cream before filling the other half of the egg with candy floss
Before placing the straws smear the top of your straws with some chocolate ganache and roll in popping candy and assorted coloured pearls
Finally take a large skewer, place alternate pink and white marshmallows on and caramelize/burn till all gooey and soft.
Last but not least sprinkle the gold dust over the top for that bling effect




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