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(17 Sep 2015)

Mars Space Report Expresso

Expresso Space News


We are always so focused on what is happening on our small blue planet that we often forget there is an entire Universe out there, with tons of fascinating things going on in space.


Here are just a few things happening right now in relation to our wonderful and fascinating Universe.



New Images from Pluto

Images from Pluto Expresso 

NASA has just released new images from Pluto, and scientists have been blown away by the fact that they reveal an even more diverse landscape than they had previously imagined.

There appears to be mountains, possible dunes and multiple layers of haze on the dwarf planet.


The biggest mystery are the dunes, which scientists say shouldn’t be there. They believe Pluto either had a thicker atmosphere in the past, or some process we haven’t figured out yet is at work.

It is thought the jumble of mountains may be huge blocks of ice floating in a softer, vast deposit of frozen nitrogen, making it not exactly the nicest place to live.


The images were taken by the New Horizons spacecraft as it swept past the planet and captured the clearest, most detailed images ever created, so what we are seeing has never been seen before until this week. Very exciting!



Life on Mars?

Mars Report Expresso 

For most of us Earthlings, the photos of Mars taken by the Curiosity Rover reveal little more than a desolate red landscape inhabited mostly by rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

But to the more imaginative minds in our midst, particularly those on the internet, these are no ordinary rocks - they're signs of alien life.


Since the latest images of Mars were released, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have been trawling through the photos beamed back to Earth and "discovering" mysterious objects that they say proves the existence of extraterrestrial activity on Mars.


Here are just some examples of images of Mars that ‘prove’ life exists on the planet:


Life on Mars 1 Expresso

Conspiracy theorists believe this is an iguana. We must admit, it does look very similar!


Life on Mars 2 Expresso

Conspiracy theorists believe this is a Star Wars-like spaceship that crash-landed on the planet. If only that were true...


Life on Mars 3 Expresso

In this picture, observers spotted a squirrel crouched between 2 rocks.


Life on Mars 4 Expresso

Many people believe the woman in this picture is a ghost, but NASA says it’s probably just an oddly shaped drift of sand.


Life on Mars 5 Expresso

And lastly, this image has conspiracy theorists convinced that mermaids exist on Mars.


In reality they're probably all just weirdly shaped rocks, but why spoil the fun?


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