Getting back into your sleep routine with Dr Green
(17 Jan 2020)


Getting back into your sleep routine with Dr Green


It can be difficult getting back into routine after the festive season. Here are some tips to ease the way:
Avoid your coffee, caffeinated teas, and hot chocolates. While sugary and caffeinated drinks offer us some level of comfort, they have the potential to hugely alter one’s sleeping pattern.
Rather opt for drinks such as hot milk or drinks that contain milk. Milk helps boost serotonin levels which is a natural sleep hormone and reduces insomnia. Good teas to invest in if you’re having trouble sleeping - mint, chamomile, chai or typically any other spiced drink says our resident foodie, Nicole Snelling.
Dr Darren Green helped us better understand our habits and the underlying factors that induce a good night’s rest. He delved into the concept of circadian rhythm. Examples of this would be our sleep-wake cycle or our core body temperature.
Dr Green pointed to the importance of good sleep hygiene. This would include the effects of room temperature, lighting, sleeping positions, etc. Did you know that your body shape such as the curvature of your spine or even the amount of soft tissue on your neck have a major impact on your sleeping patterns?
For most individuals their most comfortable position is on their side, one hand under the pillow and one leg raised. What happens to some who sleeping in this position is that their ulnar nerve (elbow) compresses, causing pins and needles in the outer two fingers. Dr Green would then recommend the straightening of the arm that would otherwise lay bent under the pillow. 

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