In Case You missed It...
(18 Jan 2016)

Expresso Recap 18 January

In Case You missed It...


If you missed the show last week, don't worry! We're here to catch up on some of our top moments and discussions from the past week.


Travel Tips with Graeme

Our very own Graeme travelled to the beautiful and exotic Ghana recently, and we were lucky enough to get an inside look at the real Ghana. From travel tips, meeting local artisans to scrumptious meals, get ready for a true African experience.


Graeme's Top 5 Ghanaian Dishes

Graeme explores some of the tastiest local dishes in Ghana.


Ghana Market Survival Guide

Graeme heads to the iconic Kaneshie Market in Accra/Ghana, to give us his survival guide for an African market.


Graeme Meets 'The Tailor'

Graeme meets up with Elikem Kumordzie, nicknamed in the Fashion Industry as; “The Tailor”, for his unique African garments.


Graeme's Africa Travel Tips

Graeme shares some of his Top African Travel Tips with us.



Francois van Coke Performs with Expresso Frenchie, Bella!

Francois van Coke joined us in studio ahead of his performance at Kirstenbosch Gardens, but this time he's joined in studio with our very own Expresso Frenchie Bella! Needless to say, Bella sure stole the show.


Watch the video here:



Top Matric Achiever Inspired the Nation

Much has been said about the top matric achievers from the class of 2015 but one truly inspiring learner who hails from Khayelitsha, Namhla Juqu, was the second highest achiever in the country, proving that no matter what our circumstances, we can achieve anything we put our minds to.


Watch the video here:



Leigh-Anne & Zoe vs Kat & Ewan in Bubble Football

The Presenters challenge each other to a round of Bubble Soccer, and as you can imagine, many laughs were had! Who do you think will win the Bubble Soccer cup – our girls Leigh-Anne and Zoe, or the main manne Kat and Ewan?


Checkout their fancy footwork here:




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