Life Hacks for Happiness
(12 Apr 2016)

Happiness Life Hacks Expresso

Life Hacks for Happiness

Our daily lives have become so fast paced that it’s easy to lose connection as you get older. Friends who used to be close can often fall to the wayside, and things you used to enjoy doing, don’t get time in the spotlight.

We were joined by Mustapha Hendricks and Lutz Manzelmann on Expresso, head creatives at The Activation Game, and interactive, multimedia self-help program, and they gave us some tips on how to regain happiness and growth.

What are some of the challenges facing people today with regard to personal happiness and growth?

People get stuck in a daily routine, and this routine translates into our personal lives. We end up repeating the same behaviour and wondering why we don’t get different results. We tend to not question what’s going on, because we’re rushing from one point to the next. What people need to do instead is break away from these routines and create new ones that incorporate adventure, discovery, connection.

What areas does the Activation Game look at to combat those challenges?

What the activation game has done is created a programme that helps you break away from your everyday life, without having to put your life on hold. So keep going to work and doing your daily chores, but with a new perspective and becoming mindful of each moment.

This program has been cleverly designed to engage with a modern culture that craves experiences. Each module centers on a different human value, using a variety of methods from videos to exercises, to challenge the learner.

You call this a game – how so?

For us a game means there’s a challenge to overcome, a goal to reach, and space for play, exploration and surprises.
With this game we explore the values, take on events, engage with others, solve the clues – and most importantly, we have fun.

So what are some tips that you can share with us today? Things we can put into action to help elevate the way we engage with life?

We have two tips:

1. Nothingness - For 10 minutes today, go and sit somewhere alone (a park, porch or bench), making sure to turn off any electronics. Have a clock or watch handy, and for 10 minutes simply sit and do nothing. Do not think, do not judge anything you see, just observe and take in your surroundings.

If you feel yourself slipping into thought then focus on something in front of you until that thought slips away. It’s hard but try it and see how you feel. This helps you to centre yourself, and be more present in your day to day life. Where you’re not concerned about that email you have to send, or the looming deadline.

2. Breakaway - Ask a partner or close friend what they think you should do for one day to break away from your routine. Then find a day and go and do it!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that life is a game, so break the mould, and have some fun with it this week!




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