Man Completes 50 Triathlons in 50 Days
(29 Jul 2015)

Iron Cowboy Expresso

Man Completes 50 Triathlons in 50 Days


On 6 June 2015, American athlete James Lawrence began a quest to complete 50 Ironman triathlons in all 50 US states over 50 consecutive days. The journey, kicking off in Hawaii, had many sceptics at first, as the logistics behind a task like this were close to impossible to imagine.

But on 25 July, Lawrence quietened the critics as he smashed the 50-50-50 challenge, completing a daily 3.8-kilometer swim, 180.2-kilometer bike, and 42.2-kilometer run.

Over the 50 days, the triathlete averaged 15 hours of movement per day as he swam a total of 193, biked 9 012, and ran almost 2 092 kilometer a day, all with an average of four hours sleep per night!

A support crew, which included his friends, sponsors, wife and five children, made up the caravan to look after his physical, emotional and transport needs throughout the 50 days. They helped him maneuver a variety of obstacles, including bike crashes, overuse injuries and emotional meltdowns.

Lawrence currently holds the Guinness World Record for most Ironman races completed in one year (30 in 2012). Even though 50 Ironmans would break his previous record, weather forced him inside for several days, where the bike distance was recorded on a bike trainer instead of on the road, and the run completed on treadmills – as a result, this leg of journey was nullified.

It is still an unbelievable physical accomplishment, which has earned him a host of fans across the world.

Lawrence not only used the Ironman platform to satisfy is personal goals, he also used it to raise awareness of childhood obesity. At each stop of the tour, he encouraged families of all fitness levels to join in for a 5K alongside his marathon run. Participation rates grew steadily with each day, and at the final event in Utah, hundreds turned out to run with Lawrence.

Hopefully Lawrence’s sheer determination and passion will continue to inspire many other families and children to be more active, and also the seriousness behind the childhood obesity epidemic.

For more information on the 'Iron Cowboy', visit his website or Facebook page.



Image via ironcowboyJames



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