Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS/18
(20 Jun 2017)

Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS/18

Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS/18

Time to whip out your shot of espresso, this week we’re in the birthplace of pasta, pizza, Gucci and Prada. It’s Milan – one of the 4 fashion capitals globally (along with London, Paris, and New York) and for this trend report we’re all about menswear for the Spring Summer 2018 season.

Time for a quick round-up of what you need to know to stay ahead of the fashion game.

Nicholas Strelitz Fashion Editor Expresso

By Nicholas Strelitz

We all know the Spring Summer season is synonymous with shorts, tanks, and…..speedos? Okay, maybe not the latter, but summer does generally spell heat! Designers though, for the SS18 season, are bucking against our pre-conceived notions, unveiling layering as one of the hottest movements of the season.

Layering means playing with proportions, which means adding easy drama to any outfit. It’s all about contrasting lengths. Do as fashion heavyweight Versace does – go for a classic white Oxford shirt paired with a cropped vest on-top. Add a knee-length cotton jacket, and you’ve got some proportion drama on your hands perfect to spice up what would otherwise be quite a conservative look.  

 And if you’re feeling particularly creative, chuck everything but the kitchen sink on, like maverick fashion house Marni’s done for SS/18. Oversized tank underneath a striped collared shirt, underneath a suit jacket, underneath what looks like a horse-riding cap. Key take out – ensure the length of each piece is in opposition to the next. Don’t duplicate lengths. Stand out. Who said fashion has rules?

Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS/18(image 1:Versace SS/18 –                 (image 2: Marni SS/18 –

Stripes have never really left the style scene, rather coming in and out in waves, but this time around they’re making a glorious comeback…..think Britney circa 2006. We were all really worried there for a second…..

For Summer 2018, there are seemingly no parameters when it comes to wearing, well, just about anything and with stripes, the rule holds true. Take a cue from one of the most relevant designers of the current age, Irish pioneer JW Anderson, who for this season chose to offset horizontal striping, with what else, but hearts! A natural pairing, right? So much love in the fashion air right now.

My top tip for nailing stripe on….well, any other patterning – ensure there is one piece in your ensemble that remains solid and more neutral. If you’re going to pair a striped top with a plaid overcoat, keep the bottoms a shade that is easily matched with anything – tones of nudes, khaki, navy, and black. Balance is a mainstay in the world of cyclical fashion.

Milan Fashion Week Menswear SS/18
(image 3:JW Anderson SS/18 – JW Anderson)                         (image 4: JW Anderson SS/18 (credit – JW Anderson)

And finally, we have to give a shout out to the amazing street style on display in Milano this season. And how great was it to have South African style represented in full-force by local fashion favourites blogger and photographer Trevor Sturrman and The Threaded Man himself, Siya Beyile. Commonly regarded as two of the leading persons in men’s fashion back home, it was so refreshing to see quintessential African fashion tenants on the cobbled streets of Milan.

Never one to shy away from bold prints and colour, Trevor proves that the vibrancy of our landscape has a deserving place in high-fashion circles. It also proves a point to European and North American designers, one that loudly exclaims that Africa is the next big international fashion bastion.

While slightly more understated in his dress-wear than Trevor, Mr.Beyile managed to integrate accents of African print into a more monochrome palette – see socks, top, and head band. In this way, he perhaps proves an even louder point, one that shows how our distinctly African aesthetic fits neatly and complementary into more mainstream European aesthetics.

trevor sturmaan
Trevor Stuurman, Steet Style, Milan (image: Trevor Stuurman Instagram)

trevor sturmaan
Trevor Stuurman, Street Style, Milan (image: Trevor Stuurman Instagram)

Siya Beyile, Street Style, Milan (image: Siya Beyile Instagram)


siya insta
Siya Beyile, Street Style, Milan (image: Siya Beyile Instagram)

And with menswear weeks in London and Milan in the history books, our sights now turn to the City of Light, Paris, followed by a highly anticipated finale in the Big Apple.

I think if one thing can be taken from what we’ve seen in London and Milan for the SS/18 season it’s that menswear is consistently pushing the boundaries of what we previously conceived men’s fashion could and should be. Watch out ladies, the men are here to stay.


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