Mocha Sherbet with Rocky Road Crumble
(01 Feb 2018)

Mocha Sherbet with Rocky Road Crumble Expresso

Mocha Sherbet with Rocky Road Crumble
Recipe by Angie Boyd
80ml Castor sugar
250ml Brewed coffee, chilled
200ml SuperM Chocolate milk, chilled
Using a hand stick blender or food processor, blitz the castor sugar and cold brewed coffee together to dissolve the sugar.
Add the milk and blitz well again.
To Freeze By Hand: Transfer the mixture to a freezer-proof container. Place the container into the freezer and leave for about an hour to freeze. Using a fork or whisk, give the slightly frozen slushy mixture a good mixing. Freeze again. Repeat this stirring/freezing process about 3-4 times. Now leave to freeze until the sherbet has completely frozen.
To Freeze By Machine: Place the mixture into an ice-cream machine and churn until smooth and frozen. Transfer to a freezerproof container and freeze.
To serve: Scoop into ice-cream glasses and then scatter the crushed rocky road over the top.
200g Dark chocolate, mint-flavoured (70%)
50g Butter, softened
25ml Golden syrup or honey
60g Biscuits ( any biscuits will work eg oreos; tennis; maries etc)
60g Rice crispies
250ml Mini marshmallows or std marshmallows cut into smaller pieces if you can’t find minis.
Grease and line a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper.
Place the butter, chocolate and golden syrup into a glass or plastic bowl and heat in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so, until melted.
Alternatively – set the bowl over a double-boiler and heat gently until melted.
Crush the biscuits in a plastic bag, and stir them, along with the rice crispies and marshmallows, into the chocolate mixture.
Spread the mixture into the baking sheet and smooth out the top.
Set in the fridge for two hours or until the chocolate has set.Turn out onto a board and using a sharp knife, chop roughly into small pieces. Store in a sealed container in the fridge until ready to serve.






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