Most Colourful Cities Around the World
(12 Oct 2015)

Bo Kaap Expresso

Most Colourful Cities Around the World


Most cities are colourful, from the architecture, interesting people and unique stories, to their food and culture. But there are some cities out there that are more colourful than most, displaying every hue imaginable.

Here are some of the brightest from around the world.


La Boca

La Boca Expresso

Image via

Many of the immigrants to the La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argntina, were from Genoa in Italy, and brought with them the custom – they paint the outside of their homes with leftover paint from the shipyard. The houses in La Boca were also built from leftover shipyard scraps, and goes to show that there's no excuse for wastage.



Burano Expresso

Image via

The story goes that the buildings in this tiny island near Venice, Italy, were painted bright colours so that fishermen returning home in the fog could recognize their houses. Not only beautiful, but they serve a very important purpose too!



Chefchaouen Expresso

Image via

Instead of 'painting the town red', the residents of Chefchaouen much rather preferred to paint the town blue! It's said that Jewish refugees in the 1930s brought the blue colour to this town in Morocco to symbolize heaven.



Havana Expresso

Image via

Havana's bright colours have been documented since the 16th century, and although the paint has faded, the colours and vibrancy of Havana still shines bright.



Jaipur Expresso

Image via

In 1876, the entire city of Jaipur in India was painted pink to welcome Edward, prince of Wales. Luckily for us, it has stayed that way ever since.



Moscow Expresso

Moscow is home to one of the most iconic, colourful buildings in the world: St. Basil's Cathedral. The brilliant colours of the cathedral, which represent the biblical depictions of the Heavenly City, are mirrored throughout the city.



Valparaiso Expresso

Image via

The city of Valparaiso, in Chile, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is – and rightly so! It shines so much that it earned the nickname "the jewel of the Pacific."


Bo Kaap

Bo Kaap Expresso

Image via

A list like this would not be complete without including the Bo Kaap neighbourhood of Cape Town! It is famous for its colourful buildings and large Muslim population, with bright coloured walls surrounding the historic area.




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