New York Fashion Week Sportswear Trends
(07 Feb 2018)

New York Fashion WeekThe sportswear trend

Expresso Fashion Editor Nick Strelitz

By Nicholas Strelitz

Sportswear can be worn a million different ways using a million differnet pieces, but I have the 5 core pieces that make up any athleisure capsule wardrobe. Also (and just for clarity’s sake), athleisure, sportswear, sports luxe - the terms are interchangeable. The fundamentals that create a common thread: a commitment to a sports-inspired aesthetic combined with materials that scream luxury! Okay, rant over. Back to the sportswear capsule. If you nail these 5 foundational items, your sportswear look is 80 percent there. The rest is you integrating your own personality to inject some street wear swag.

Now remember, this is sportswear done luxe, so it’s about upgrading the most basic of performancewear pieces – whether in fabric, in accents, or in quality. Luxe doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, but it does mean looking crisp and having, at least, an allusion of expense.

The jogger trend

The jogger

First up, let’s start with the trousers. And there really is only one trouser of choice when it comes to sportswear and that’s the jogger. This is all about the updated sweatpant. Updated how you might ask? We’re talking drop crotch, narrowed leg, and metallic accents – we need to keep this looking sophisticated. Also, we keep the colour netural – no excessive prints, patterns, or shades BECAUSE we want to draw attention to the footwear (THE true hallmark of any good sports luxe outfit).

The oversized tee

The oversized tee

From the trouser selection to the shirt. And for sports luxe, we’re only ever talking about the oversized tee. Again, like the jogger, we want to keep the t-shirt neutral (in terms of colour and print) though you can opt for a graphic (just ensure then that the joggers remain neautral) – we don’t want to over-do it. Sports Luxe is about looking effortlessly chic – you don’t want to look like you’ve tried. The one and only rule with the t shirt is buy baggy! Go up two sizes from your what you’d wear in your standard fitted t-shirt. I’m normally a small, but for my sports luxe duds, I’m going with the large, and you’ll see why when it comes to the choice of outerwear.

Footwear trend


Let’s move to one of the most important facets of sports luxel, it’s the footwear. This is really where performance-wear meets luxe and where your personality gets to shine. And it’s all about the trainer. Now, you can either go high-top or low-top – it doesn’t matter – the key is having that luxe element. Beautiful leather and/or suede - they need to look fresh! I’d personally always opt for something chunkier with an elevated sole. You also want to be able to see the sock (I’d keep it classic white)! If trainers aren’t your thing, a Timberland boot is always an option in your sports luxe arsenal.

Bomber trend

Bomber Jacket

Now for the icing on the sports luxe cake. The outerwear. And there is only one choice. It’s the bomber and this season we’re seeing all shades of green! The original. This is what pulls the sports luxe look together and holds it down. Originally created for military pilots in the American Air Force, this is one piece that really stands the test of time. Instant street meets sports. You don’t want this to be overly fitted nor should it be too oversized. We’re all about creating layers here. I’d actually add a button-up over my baggy tee and then the bomber over the button-up. We’re all about creating layers – the bomber over the button-up over the baggy tee - but we must let the jacket remain the central attraction.

Accessorize trend


So, we have the 4 core pieces of your sports luxe capsule identified and now it’s time to accessorize. There are 3 accessories of note that will add the cherry on top of your sportswear ‘look’. The peak cap, the beannie, and the backpack (worn all together if you’re feeling really adventurous….okay, maybe keep the cap and beanie separated). Again, go minimal – it’s all about clean sophistication. I’d personally always go black or navy with the peak cap and black with the backpack. For a beannie, I think more extravagant colouring really works. Try neons! Don’t ask me why, but these bursts of colour really work in beannie-form.

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