OverDrive TV - Ferrari 458, Ford Ranger & VW Amarok
(26 Aug 2011)

Ferrari Spider 458 & New Ford Ranger

Ferrari 458, Ford Ranger and VW Amarok

News: Ferrari 458 Spyder

Ciro: I think it’s important that we don’t forget that cars in general should excite us. They should just exist in our lives for no other reason than to make us feel like 7 year olds. I haven’t felt this way about a car in years, I actually want a poster of this on my wall. The Ferrari 458 Spider.

Gavin: Now I should point out I haven’t liked  a Ferrari since the F40 of the late 80s, but this car is just something else. Just when you think Ferrari has lost the plot, they come up with this. Stunning. Only R3.5million though.

Ciro: Car makers love world firsts more than their own children. And this is the world’s first hard-top mechanical folding roof on a rear-mid engine sports car. Yes.


New Ford Ranger

We’ve driven the VW Amarok, and we thought that was big. Massive, even. Think three individual seats in the back. We drove the new Nissan Navara, and that felt even bigger on the road for some reason, but felt a little smaller inside. Introducing the latest entry into the penis-measuring contest that is the modern bakkie market, the Ford Ranger.

Ford are calling this a “Global Truck” and given that it’s due on sale in the UK later this year, we assume you’ll find one on a Ford forecourt near you in early 2012. At first glance, it looks like a very decent effort from the blue oval.

The new Ranger will initially be available with two new Ford Duratorq engines: a 2.2-litre (110kW and 375Nm) and a 3.2-litre (160kW and 470Nm). From our experience driving the 2.0 twin-turbo diesel in the Amarok, we’d recommend the bigger engine, as when the engine is off boost there’s just too much car for the power available.

Ford are saying that three adults can sit side by side in the rear, and that two six-footers can sit one behind the other. There’s also a massive cubby-hole, again Ford claim that a 16-inch laptop can fit inside. Now that’s neat. We like that. The tech is high-end, with SatNav, USB port, CD, Bluetooth connectivity and a rear-camera built into the rearview mirror.

In case you actually want to use your bakkie to do bakkie-like things, you shouldn’t want for space in the load bed. With over 1.1m between wheel arches, the massive theme continues with a carrying capacity of 1333kg, and a towing ability of 3350kg.


VW Amarok

We’ve driven the single and double cab variants of this car and I’ll start off by saying I think they’re brilliant. Volkswagen has really taken the fight to the establishment and created a clever, powerful, fuel efficient, good looking, massive range of bakkies.

We should point out that in America these bakkies are marketed as “compact pick ups”.

The Amarok is anything but compact. It is simply massive. Its like driving New Zealand. Not driving around in New Zealand, I mean the whole thing.

If you need a massive amount of load space, the single cab is for you. We didn’t test it, but I’m pretty sure you could fit the entire contents of a house on the back in one go. On that note, you will spend the rest of your life moving your friend’s furniture.

The double cab is huge inside. Three 6-footers can easily sit side by side in the back.

You can get the Amarok with a 2.0 litre diesel with one turbo, or the 2 litre diesel with two turbos. We’ve only driven the bi turbo, and there is massive power. My only complaint is that you sometimes have to wrestle the thing to get going if your revs are low.

I was amazed at how well this goliath handled, it handles more like a car than any bakkie I’ve driven, except for perhaps the Nissan Navara. The double cabs seem to be better on the road than the single cabs, which are designed for more loading.  

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