Reasons Why You Should Write Instead of Type
(19 Apr 2016)

Reasons Why You Should Write Instead of Type Expresso

Reasons Why You Should Write Instead of Type

Once you leave school, writing by hand is a pretty rare occurrence. Most of your work correspondence is done through email, and we even tend to type grocery lists on our smartphones. Besides the odd note here and there, there's no real reason to break out your very rusty handwriting. Or is there?
Here are four reasons why you should dust off that pen and paper and get writing.

It Activates the Brain
In 2012 a study of children who couldn’t yet read found that writing letters by hand activated a circuit of neurons in the brain associated with reading. Tracing or typing the same letter, however, did not. This extra processing in the brain regions associated with literacy is said to facilitate reading acquisition in young children. 

It Improves Spelling
A 1990 study found that having kids write words out improved their spelling abilities compared to typing it on a computer. 

It Helps You Remember
In 2014 a study was done that compared the memories of university students who took handwritten notes to those who took notes on laptops. What they found was that writing longhand is better at helping you learn new information. Those who wrote out their notes processed more of what was being said during their lectures, probably because they had to condense information to keep up, rather than mindlessly type the speaker’s words. Later tests also showed that handwriters recalled information from the lectures better than typists. 

It Helps You Think Faster
In a 2009 study, young students who wrote by hand were found to write more, and more quickly, than those who typed on a keyboard – they consistently did better writing with a pen when they wrote essays. 

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