SASKO Croque Monsieur
(13 Jul 2018)

SASKO Croque Monsieur

SASKO Croque Monsieur

Recipe by Clem Pedro

For the cheese sauce:
3 Tbsp salted butter
2 Tbsp SASKO flour
2 Cups Milk (3/4 cup extra if needed)
50g grated mature cheddar
3 Tbsp grated biltong or biltong dust (the south african flair)
¼ tsp fresh nutmeg
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
2 Tbsp dijon mustard

3 slices SASKO more slices
50g gruyere cheese, sliced
6 slices black forrest ham
2 Tbsp butter

Heat the butter over a medium heat, melting it before adding the flour and mixing until well combined. Continue cooking for another minute to cook the flouriness out.

Begin adding the milk, mixing continuously to prevent any lumps forming. If the sauce seems a little thick simply add more milk, being careful not to make it too thin. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer before gradually adding the cheese and mixing through, again stirring continuously.

Once all the cheese has been added mix in the biltong dust, nutmeg and seasoning. Taste to ensure the seasoning is correct before removing from the heat and stirring through the dijon mustard.

Cover the sauce with a sheet of plastic wrap and set aside to prevent a skin forming on the surface of your sauce.

Begin assembling your sandwich by adding cheese to a slice of SASKO bread, followed by 3 slices of ham. add a slice of bread and repeat with the cheese and ham. Finish with a final slice of bread to complete the sandwich.

Preheat your oven to 200C. Add 1T of butter to a pan over a medium heat and add the sandwich to toast until golden and crisp. Remove fro, the pan and add the remaining butter before turning over and cooking the other side in the same manner.

Once golden transfer to an oven proof dish and pour over the cheese sauce before placing in the oven to cook until the sauce begins to bubble and caramelise before removing and serving.


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