Stop your dog eating stool
(21 Oct 2013)


Communication begins with understanding and if you want to build a better relationship with your dog, you can start by working to understand the meaning and causes behind some of his/hers most common behaviors...

Is this normal behaviour? Coprophagy (medical term) is a natural and normal act. Newborn puppies haven't yet learned to eliminate on their own, so the mother dog licks them to stimulate urination and defecation, and then licks them again to clean them up.

So, why do fully grown dogs sometimes do this? When adult dogs eat their own stool,  it's a different story. Usually, it's a sign of loneliness or boredom, although on occasion, miscues in housebreaking will result in the dog eating stool because he's learned the presence of stool sometimes gets him punished.

Is it dangerous for the dog? Actually, coprophagy doesn't present any problem for dogs, with the possible exception of eating stool containing parasite eggs. It is a major aesthetic problem for the owner, however, who must witness it and whose face the dog then tries to lick.

How can one deal with the problem? You can try to break the habit by relieving the dog's boredom or loneliness: Give him more attention and exercise, rotate his toys so he doesn't have to play with the same old thing all the time, and feed him more than once a day so he has something to look forward to.Prevention is the only sure cure. Pick up after your dog right away, or muzzle a coprophagic dog when walking in public areas. Set up cat litter boxes where Rex can't get his nose into them -- or simply keep them clean of stool by scooping several times a day, especially before and after feline mealtimes.

Is it necessary to alert a vet? As soon as you notice this behavior, make a trip to the vet -- there may be a physical cause for a dog's coprophagy. A belly full of worms or other parasites could rob the dog's body of vital nutrients, and he might be eating whatever he can find to try and make up for it. There might also be a nutritional deficiency in his diet. Adding brewer's yeast to his food will boost his intake of B VITAMINS PUMPKIN OR RAW CARROT  will add FIBRE to his diet and help him feel full. In some cases, solving the problem is as simple as switching the dog over to a food with more fat, fiber, or protein. 

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