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Lisa is a skilled facilitator and teacher and is passionate about working with children, teens and adults! She maintains a holistic approach to education, with an emphasis on personal development and creative expression.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree, with majors in English Literature and Psychology at Wits University, Lisa moved to Cape Town to complete a Post Graduate Honours degree in Clinical Psychology at UCT. At the same time she qualified as a Speech and Drama teacher through Trinity College of London.

In the subsequent years, Lisa went to India to train as an Art of Living teacher, equipping her with the necessary skills to teach yoga and breathwork to children and teenagers. She also attended courses with The School of Storytelling (Sussex, UK), where she learnt the art of Traditional Oral Storytelling.

Lisa helped to start and develop the Earthchild Project (an NGO working in schools and communities with the focus on holistic education) and worked with them as programme developer, volunteer co-ordinator and facilitator. She also started and ran a Storytelling club with children in Khayelitsha with the focus on English and Language enrichment, Life-skills and Drama.

Lisa has also obtained experience working in the corporate and business sector as a Voice and Speech Coach teaching effective communication skills, assertiveness training and stress and relaxation instruction.

Currently, she also works with the Cool to Be Me Foundation, where she facilitates and develops life-skills programmes in schools around South Africa.

Children and adults of all levels are able to learn and grow through her contagious energy and exuberant approach to life and living. Participants are guided with care and patience and are inspired to have fun and express themselves freely.

Storytelling is a highly beneficial medium that can be used for the development of children on many levels – and in many ways.

Storytelling educates, nurtures, heals and entertains children.

Here are just some of the ways storytelling benefits children:

  • Storytelling Teaches Children Important Life Skills

Stories contain innate wisdom that can be transferred and absorbed by children in an effortless and highly effective way.

Storytelling is thus a tool to transmit knowledge and ideas so that children can learn invaluable life skills such as the awakening of essential human values and foster a greater problem solving capacity.

  • Storytelling Encourages Creativity in Children

Storytelling facilitates an opening for children to move into a creative process, whereby the imagination is stimulated and the child is free to invent and design images in a guided and supported framework.

This process allows the unlocking of the child’s unique creativity and artistic expression.

  • Storytelling Teaches Children Emotional Intelligence

Children are exposed to the wide range of emotions embedded in the story itself.

This exposure allows children to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Empathy is developed through this emotional experience, leading to the emergence of a greater sense of compassion and sensitivity.

  • Storytelling Improves Listening and Remembering

Storytelling improves auditory and recall abilities in children.

Through storytelling, children learn invaluable listening skills.

Storytelling also permits children to remember a large amount of information.

Children also learn to listen on a more subtle level – to hear and recall the affective tones underpinning a story.

  • Storytelling Enhances Children’s Language Skills

Storytelling enhances language ability in children.

Vocabulary, grammar, syntax and pronunciation are all improved through this powerful medium.

Children exposed to regular storytelling have greater awareness of correct language use and are able to practice this in their everyday speech.

  • Empowerment

Storytelling empowers children.

Unlike television, where the child is provided with all the sensory stimuli, storytelling allows children to draw from their own resources – the rich and colorful imagination. In this way children are empowered to create and craft what they will, from minimal input. Through the imagination, children become active participants in this creative process. They feel trusted and capable and are thus empowered to continue to create and manifest in everyday life.

  • Connection

Storytelling creates an intimate connection between the teller and the listener. They enter into the sacred space of story and embark on a magical journey together. In this way, the shared experience fosters affection and love for children and allows close bonds and relationships to be formed, which is vital for the effective development of children.

  • Roots

Storytelling is rich in tradition and culture. Children are therefore able to connect to their own ancestral roots and cultural heritage through storytelling. This provides children with a greater understanding of their own families and communities. In the same way, storytelling allows children to become aware of others and gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of the diversity that exists in our world.

  • Healing

Storytelling has the power to heal and transform. Children may undergo deep emotional and spiritual healing through storytelling. The profound metaphors, wide range of emotional repertoires and wise life lessons found in stories, allow children to resolve difficulties and problems they may have encountered in the past, are grappling with presently, or may still encounter in the future.

  • Inspiration

Storytelling invites children into a mystical world where anything and everything is possible. This allows children to tap into their inherent sense of wonder and become truly inspired. It opens up possibilities and supports children to have vision and manifest their dreams.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment value of storytelling is enormous… children love stories! They become completely captivated, often filled with curiosity and excitement. Giggling and laughter are common occurrences during storytelling. Storytelling truly encourages children to enjoy themselves and have fun!


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