TBT: Big Screen Musicals
(21 Jan 2016)

Singing in the Rain Expresso

TBT: Big Screen Musicals


This week 10 years ago, the world was introduced to ‘High School Musical'!


Who would’ve thought back then that the low-budget film would eventually inspire two sequels, US arena concert tour, an ice show and even turn its then-unknown actors Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens into household names?


To celebrate High School Musical’s 10 year anniversary, let’s look back at some of our favourite big screen musicals.



Singing in the Rain


One of our favourite musicals has to be 1952’s upbeat comical Singing in the Rain, about a silent film star who tries to get his squeaky-voiced co-star in a 1927 Hollywood film replaced by a chorus girl.


Did you know?

Debbie Reynolds had no dance experience before she made the movie. Years later she said the two most difficult things she’s ever done in her life was childbirth and making Singing in the Rain.



Marry Poppins


A list of the most iconic big screen musicals wouldn’t be complete without 1964’s musical fantasy film Mary Poppins!


Some interesting fact about the film:

Julie Andrews, who made her big-screen début in Marry Poppins, won an Academy Award for her performance. Did you know she actually wore a wig throughout the film?


Marry Poppins was Disney’s highest-grossing film for over 20 years and the highest-gross of 1964, and although plans were made a script written for a sequel, it never became a reality.





1978’s romantic musical film Grease became a cult classic – with its soundtrack becoming the second-best selling soundtrack album of all time.


Did you know?

Elvis Presley was initially offered John Travolta’s role in the film.


Olivia Newton-John attended the film’s premiere in a prom dress, to pay tribute to her character Sandy.



The Rocky Horror Picture Show


A satirical tribute to 70's science fiction and horror B movies, 1975’s Rocky Horror Picture Show rounds off our list of our favourite movie musicals!


Things you probably didn’t know about Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and actor Steve Martin both auditioned for roles in the film.


The film was shot at Oakley Court, a luxury hotel in England. The two lead actors, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, are the only two Americans in the film.



Image via: thefilmspectrum.com




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