TBT: Greatest Adventures and Explorations
(26 May 2016)

Greatest Adventures and Explorations Expresso

TBT: Greatest Adventures and Explorations

This week 63 years ago, New Zealand explorer Edmund Hillary and Nepalese mountaineer Namgyal Wangdi became the first people in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest - the highest mountain on Earth!

As we celebrate this amazing feat this week, let’s count down some other incredible achievements and accomplishments of explorers over the years:

First solo flight across the Atlantic
Charles Lindbergh Expresso

Back in 1927, pilot Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to Paris.

To keep the weight of his single-engine airplane to a minimum, it had no brakes, radio or parachute. Charles did not sleep or eat during the flight, at times flew at only 3 meters above the ocean and it took him 33 hours to get to Paris.

First person to reach the North Pole
Robert Peary Expresso

Explorers had tried to reach the North Pole by ship, airplanes and balloon – but it was American navy engineer Robert Peary who was the first to successfully reach the most northern point on Earth by dog sled in 1909!
It was Robert’s second attempt, and took him 37 icy cold days!

First person to explore the deep sea
William Beebe Expresso

People have been fascinated by the ocean for years, but the first person to travel into its deep abyss and record his findings was 57-year-old American William Beebe.
In 1934 he became the first human to reach the deepest parts of the ocean, descending to 3000feet off the coast of Bermuda.

First man in space
Yuri Gagarin Expresso

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human being in space on 12 April 1961! He flew at 170km above Earth for around 108 minutes.

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