TBT: Masked Musicians
(28 Jan 2016)

Daft Punk TBT Expresso

TBT: Masked Musicians


This week back in 1973, glam rockers Kiss performed their first ever concert. Who would’ve thought back then that these rockers with elaborate outfits would go on to become one of the most well-known groups in history?!

KISS TBT Expresso 

With their black-and-white face paint, Kiss started a new trend of musicians taking on a personae and concealing their true identities on stage for the sake of their music.


For ‘Throwback Thursday’ we're taking a look at some of the weirdest and most interesting masked musicians, and why the disguised their true identities.




Formed in 1998, this virtual band consists of four animated characters.


Some interesting fact about this animation group:

All the band members are completely fictional and do not represent real people, as Gorillaz’s music is a collaboration between various musicians.


The band’s 2001 debut album sold over seven million copies and earned them a Guinness World Record as the Most Successful Virtual Band.



Daft Punk

French electronic music duo Daft Punk first achieved significant popularity in the early 90's for hit songs like ‘One More Time’, 'Around the World' and ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’.


The group is known to wear robot helmets and assume robot persona in all of their public appearances.


Did you know?

Daft Punk rarely grant interviews and have stated that the reason for their anonymity is due to shyness!



Jax Panik

Ten years ago, local hyper pop band Jax Panik was created as a parody of pop music and South Africa pop stars.


The group used to perform with masks to keep their identities secret, as they wanted the character Jax Panik to be a third person and not represent one specific singer or person. The lead singer’s face is also blurred out in some of their music videos.



Frank Sidebottom

Known for his large paper-mache head and 1950s-style sharp suits, Frank Sidebottom was a pop star from the small town of Timperley in the UK and reached cult status in the late 1980s.


Frank was the brainchild of English musician and comedian Christopher Mark Sievey, who did various TV and radio appearances as Frank Sidebottom, before passing away in 2010.


Frank released his first 12inch record in 1984 and actor Michael Fassbender played him in a film inspired by his life in 2014.



What are your thoughts on musicians hiding behind costumes or masks?

Do you believe these superstars when they say they’re doing it to conceal their identities to keep the attention on their music, or do you believe it’s just a publicity stunt?



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