Teaching dog to jump straight in the air
(05 Nov 2013)

Jumping dog


What is the effect we are trying to achieve today?

This trick teaches your dog to jump straight up in the air. It's not teaching him to jump 'over' and object, rather, it teaches him to jump in the air, with all four paws off the ground. This trick paves the way for teaching your dog to jump the skipping rope.


Where do we start?

Step 1: Using  a toy that your doggie loves, or treats, hold it high in the air so that he has to jump up to get it. As soon as his legs come off the ground, click and treat..

Step 2: After the first few times, start saying "Jump"  just before with a hand signal.

Step 3: Keep doing this until he jumps at your command. Gradually stop using the toy and use your command instead. Click and treat whenever he does this.


Practise makes perfect.

Next will be to add the skipping rope, which is a relatively hard trick. So Bob and Bella will need some time before we can show you that trick.  But it’s a great trick to teach especially with the school holidays approaching, so start working on the jump.

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