The Male Romper
(22 Jun 2017)

Presenters in rompers

The Male Romper

Nicholas Strelitz Fashion Editor Expresso

By Nicholas Strelitz


The world is a-buzz about the latest in questionable menswear garments – the male romper, or RompHim. Appropriated from it’s female counterpart, the male version sticks to the original concept in most ways – a one-piece, comprised of a short and a sleeved top. This latest “trend” from the shores of the US has become a social media sensation – and by sensation I mean, it’s brought both sides of the argument out in full force. You either love it or really, really hate it.

(Image: The Daily Beast)

The RompHim was first conceived by a group of business school friends who were “sitting around over drinks one evening” – a casual chat somehow leading to talk of rompers – makes sense right? I blame it on the alcohol. Seeing a gap in the fashion market for something “stylish and fun without sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility” these friends decided to appropriate this perennial womenswear favourite for all the men out there who might be yearning for something of the sort. Who are these men? Though I might be partial to one in black leather. Too much?

Romper mix

Moving through different streams of revenue for production, this group of entreprenurs finally came across a funding platform for creative projects called Kickstarter who bought into the idea – again, I blame the alcohol. With an original target of raising 10,000 dollars to further develop the product, the RompHim has gone on to exceed the 300,000 dollar mark in donations alone – talk about demand. The male romper, it seems, for now, is here to stay. Who are these people??

kick starter
(Image: PCWorld)

(Images: UnitedArtists/RompHim)

(Image: Tyler Joe)

And with features like a front shirt pocket, adjustable waist tabs, a zippered back pocket, deep front pockets, and the gamechanger – a zipper fly for easy bathrooom access (sorry ladies, you’re still going to have to take yours fully off come bathroom time), the RompHim has been carefully thought out. I’ll give it this…’s got function down. But when it comes to style, I’m still not convinced.


It will take a bold, brave man to step into this latest in innovative dress. In this instance, though, maybe it’s best to leave the romper to its female counterpart – I have a sneaking suspicion this will land in the fashion archives as a 2017 fad. I’m all for taking fashion risks and gender-less clothing, but the very graphic idea of a burly, 2 meter-tall man squeezing into a onesie with very little room for manuevouring is maybe one I’m just not quite ready to see. Unless it’s on one of our Expresso presenters…

Presenters in rompers

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