The Skyscrapers Soaring High
(15 Mar 2017)

Skyscraper Music Expresso

The Skyscrapers Soaring High
This young group of musicians joined forces in 2015, and have been taking their talents to new heights ever since! They may still be in primary school but their talent goes far beyond their years! We were lucky enough to have them perform in studio and give us all the details we have been wanting to hear about this incredibly talented band! Katlego chatted with Mila, Leo and Dan to find out more!

Skyscraper1 Music Expresso

So it's fair to say our guest artists this morning are fairly mind blowing, in fact, possibly South Africa's youngest band ever! At a mere eleven and twelve years old – Mila, Leo and Dan – call themselves the Skyscrapers and they've been together since 2015, and they have been absolutely fantastic. We've enjoyed you guys so much today!

Skyscrapers: Thank you!

So let's just quickly start at the beginning again, cause I'm struggling to wrap my head around this. At eleven years old I was still struggling with maths at school and here you guys are on national television – performing and living out your passion! Where did this band start?

Well, Leo was at a music school, and him and Dan of course are really close, so Dan was a drummer, Leo was the keyboardist, but they needed a singer. So then, Leo contacted me and that's kinda how it all started. We started doing covers and then I introduced new material, and then Leo started writing some new material and then it all just worked perfectly.

It's like Mila was a heaven-send! Leo, how did you get in touch with Mila, how did you know her?

Well, first it was me and Dan and another singer. We hadn't been called Skyscrapers, we were just a band at school.

We weren't called anything!

Then Milo joined in and then from then, we've been to studios and we've recorded our album, and ya!

I mean, listen, a lot of artists and bands take like years and years and years to write their first album and record it, and a year later you guys have got it right there in hard copy! So, where does this material come from – the stuff that you write about? Firstly, what do you write about? Leo just pointed to you Mila!

Well, it's mostly, I would maybe base myself in a specific situation I've got a song for example called 'Just Kids', and that's about someone that's pressurized by their parents to do well at school and even though that's not my situation, I'm kind of putting myself in that character's shoes in a way. That's how I would write some of my material.

Wow! You inspire me right now cause I'm trying to be a song writer and you're saying it and living it right here! Ok, so what's the reaction been to the music, to the album, to the shows that you've been doing so far as you've been travelling around and performing on stages?

We've gotten a lot of feedback, I mean, for example the Instagram page helped because now a lot of people are kinda finding out about it through social media. I got this message from this person in Nigeria saying “We saw you on TV!”, and this type of thing. That was really cool, so ya, the feedback has been really cool!

It's been absolutely amazing!

I mean, you guys are like international superstars now! People in Nigeria are able to see your music and they loving it, you got a bit of Africa love there Dan, I see that! That's cool! Alright, so what is the big dream for you guys right now, I know you guys are still in school, primary school presumably, right?

No, I'm in middle school.

And me and Leo are in primary school.



Grade six, oh my goodness! Alright, so is there a big dream for the Skyscrapers?

Just to do better going forward, I say!

Yeah! And where are you going to be performing soon? Where can people keep up with you guys?

Oh, on Sunday we are performing at De Waal Park, and we are opening up – as we said – for The Rudimentals and Freshly Ground.

That is just insane! And then people can follow you online, I know you've got a website! Give us all those details! Where are you on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook? Dan, do you want to give us those details?

Ok, we are on Instagram, and then we also have a Facebook account that was just opened. And then people can just come and follow us!

So, you gotta follow you guys, like the page, double tap on Instagram, and it's @Skyscrapers---

Ya, so Instagram is @Skyscrapers_bandsa, the Facebook one we've just opened recently so I don't know about that! But our YouTube website is, and we've got videos on YouTube of us in studio and there's one of us performing at the Red Cross Children's Hospital and most of the performances we have done.

And then we also have an album on SoundCloud.

Oh, boom – SoundCloud! Listen, I'm going to give you guys a rare opportunity right now, cause I know there are going to be a lot of people watching this and they want to work with you! So, each of you think of an artist's name in South Africa, that you guys would love to work with!

Sketchy Bongo!

Sketchy Bongo! Leo, what about you?

Jeremy Loops!

Jeremy Loops! Call them up! Dan, you're next, who is the artist?

Anything from Jeremy Loops to Sketchy Bongo!

Alright, I think it's pretty much settled! Sketchy Bongo, you got the call, Jeremy Loops, there we go!So tell me this quickly, so when you guys are thirty years old, where do you see yourself then? Mila, go ahead!

Well, I think personally I would love to aspire for Skyscrapers to maybe release, like, a full, proper proper, like very well produced, not that our albums aren't well produced, album! And ya, so that more people know us and they can really listen to our music and really easy to access our music and improving ourselves, not only like, ya!

Ya, I agree with her!

Alright, Dan?

I also take anything!

Dan is that drummer who is like “Yo, man give me the 4 on 4 beat and I'm good!”. Listen guys, we are so so proud of you and we are wishing you all of the best going forward! I cannot wait to see the great music that you are going to produce in your career because you are already amazing, so thank you very much for being here.

Catch them at De Waal Park on the 19th March when they open at the De Waal Park Concerts for The Rudimentals and Freshly Ground!
You can also catch up on their performances and interview on Expresso here:

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