Transitioning your wardrobe
(05 Sep 2018)

Fashion Fix

How-To Fashion Guide – Transitioning Your Wardrobe

As winter moves into spring, our closets beckon for a cleanse that will take us from the cooler months to a summer filled with style. Yes, it’s that time again, time for a comprehensive spring clean! It’s your How-To Fashion Guide: Transitioning Your Wardrobe, top tips for a streamlined spring closet – organized, functional, and styled specifically for you!



A well organized, decluttered closet could be the one impediment to a well-organized, decluttered life. How refreshing would it be to wake up in the morning to a closet a la Carrie Bradshaw, that doesn’t impede our ability to style ourselves, where we can actually see every single piece of clothing we own, allowing us to make informed and purposeful decisions regarding our fashion and how we want express ourselves for the day. No matter what your budget or space perimeters, a closet cleanse is a necessary undertaking to keep you and your fashion fresh! I recommend partaking twice a year, once at the onset of spring and one as we enter the fall season.



Step 1: Your Go-To Playlist and a Friend!

 This might seem like a throw away step, but it’s anything but! Closet cleansing can be a distressing and emotive experience. Don’t forget, we’re parting ways with things we hold sentimental, clothing that has been with us through the best and worst of times. The music – your favourite summer jam – provides a much necessary mood lift. It also keeps you energized and helps with ensuring a steady and unrelenting pace.

Why the friend you might ask? Support, support, support!! Plus, he or she becomes the objective voice of reason, particularly necessary during those inevitable moments where you can’t decide to keep or toss (A little tid bit for ya - if you find yourself on the cusp, I’d more times than not advise you toss!). A friend will approach your wardrobe differently from you, so use him or her as a sounding board for the toughest of sartorial scenarios.



Step 2: Dump Out Everything.

 It’s time for chaos - directed chaos of course. Dump out every single piece of clothing you have – both in drawers and hanging in the closet – on to the floor in front of you! This is a great way to gain perspective on your rate of consumption. We live in an age where we’re told to buy, buy, buy! Seeing at what rate you’ve bought into this misnomer could act as the perfect antidote. We must begin to purchase rationally and think about limiting wastage in an industry that is prone to excessive amounts of waste (easier said than done, I know!). The dump also provides for an opportunity to see exactly what it is you have hiding in the darkest corners of your wardrobe, items you didn’t even realize you had! This is the best way to visualize, at the onset, everything you own and by extension what it is you want to keep and what it is that needs the boot!

Piling in 3

Step 3: Piling in 3s.

 Once we’ve taken in what it is we own, in all its rather overwhelming glory, we need to start organizing. I suggest 3 piles. One for keeps, one for stowing, one for tossing (we’re not actually tossing though…see step 5). The clothing we keep is just that, this will go back into our newly refurbished closet. The clothing we stow are seasonal pieces that we still want, but that won’t be use during the warmer months e.g., your favourite winter parka.

Listen up, this is critical! The golden rule to assess what it is we will keep/stow versus toss? The one year rule! If you haven’t worn the item in the past year, it’s time to toss! If you can’t remember the last time you wore the item, it’s definitely time to toss! Make sure, however, to keep a few winter pieces front and centre in your spring closet. A heavier jacket and a few sweaters might have a place in your spring wardrobe. After all, the weather is as unpredictable as ever. I blame global warming!

Time to organise

Step 4: Time to organize!

 Before we even get to restocking your wardrobe, we need to tackle the closet space itself. Time for a top to toe clean. Clean that closet in-full – dust, rid the space of any and all dirt, and, if doable, offer up a new paint job! A new closet means a new you! Let’s start spring anew! You’ll be amazed and what a fresh paint job will do in boosting your psyche.

Next, we must take storage space into consideration. Space is a luxury we don’t all have. Be smart about ways to consolidate and organize. I’d advocate for an array of plastic tubs! Baskets of any sort that hold volume will also work. Pegs and hooks are your friends, as are hanging shoe rails. See what you have lying around the house. You’d be surprised as to what might work for storage purposes. Get creative! It doesn’t need to break the bank.

My biggest secret to ensuring a cohesive and soothing new wardrobe when it comes to overall organization? Ultra-thin, white, wooden hangers. Ultra-thin? To maximize space. White? White soothes and calms. It’s also important to have all of your hangers uniform. Again, it’s about visual cues that ease the mind and create a more digestible space. And why wooden? Wooden hangers keep the shape of clothing better than their plastic counterparts. They also have a longer shelf life (I realize they are more expensive than plastic, but after you’ve replaced plastic over and over again, you’ll realize the investment is worth it). Wood is also better for the environment. No need to keep recycling plastic over and over once these inevitably give way.

Give away pile

Step 5: What do with the toss pile!

 Listen, I mentioned earlier on that we’re not actually tossing the toss pile of unwanted items. Once your friend and you have sorted through the toss ups and have come to consensus on those items that are definitely being discarded, it’s time to divide into 3 piles, much like before. One pile for recycling, one pile for donating, and one pile for selling. Clothing that has fallen into complete disrepair and that there’s no point of even trying to salvage can be recycled rather than tossed in a bin. Google your nearest textile recycling centre and arrange to drop-off. Daily environmentally-friendly contribution – check! Donating clothing is always the best option for items that are still wearable. Knowing that these items will be worn by someone else, that they will provide a greater purpose, also helps with letting go. It’s comforting to know the clothing that has given you so much joy will now give joy to someone else.

If you’re short on cash, selling unwanted clothing can also be a viable option. Consignment stores often pay for more exotic pieces i.e., designer-wear or vintage. It’s a great way to make a few extra coins. Try online selling too! Do your research and score some much-needed pocket money.


Step 6: Categorizing and re-stocking.

 Time to get the clothes back into your updated wardrobe! Number 1 – hang as much as you can (as opposed to storing into drawers). I would recommend only undergarments and socks in drawers. Keep everything else hanging so that each and every piece is visible. So much easier to mix and match, to think creatively, and to have fun with your fashion when you can see exactly what it is you own, and all in one space.

Next, it’s time to categorize by garment type. Seems like common sense, but I have a gut feeling not everybody has appropriated the method. Trousers with trousers, denim with denim, light jackets with light jackets, long-sleeve tees with long-sleeve tees, short-sleeve tees with……you get the message!

Once you’ve arranged by category, we can move to arranging by colour! Keep the garments in the categories you’ve created and colour code for each. I promise you, a colour coded closet is another way of creating harmony and balance. It’s easy on the eyes and thus easy on the mind. Also another great way of approaching early-morning styling i.e., you needn’t think exhaustively about what to wear, what colours go with which etc. It’s all laid out in front of you in a manicured and easily curated spectrum.


Step 7: Drink copious amounts of wine! You’re done!
After a long and exhaustive, though rewarding process, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a beverage or two. Your closet cleanse is done. A new you, for a new season of style!

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