Trending This Week: 15 – 19 May
(19 May 2017)

Slow Mo Guys

Trending This Week: 15 – 19 May

Time to check out some of the interesting, funny and random things we stumbled across on social media this week.

Reporter moves someone off screen in an incorrect way

A BBC reporter has gotten a lot of attention recently but not for his reporting skills. Ben brown was giving an interview when a passer by, tried to appear on screen and he then proceeded to push her away from the camera. However the manner in which he brushed her away caused a bit of controversy. We understand doing you job but that might not have been a smart move.

Man sues date for texting during movie date
Yep, you read that correctly. A man from Austin, Texas, is sueing a woman for $17,31, the price of the movie ticket. He took on a date to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and she was allegedly texting throughout the film and when he asked her to stop, she left. We are sure it’s a great movie but to actually sue someone because of it, is a bit excessive. He claimed that he is sueing her because texting during a film is a "threat to civilized society". He is probably just mad because she didn’t find him all that interesting, and now we see why, if he ever gets a second date, we advise taking her out to dinner instead. Below is a trailer to the film

Justin Bieber look a like in Sandton
Justin Bieber was in South Africa for his world tour this week and someone thought that it would be funny messing with the BeliebersSocial media blew up this past weekend when Beliebers thought they had seen the real deal wandering around Sandton City! He was swarmed by screaming fans and was helped by the mall security to get to his car. A few days later, we found out that it was not the Biebs, but in fact a YouTube prankster, Aidan Atcheson.

Man dives into 1000 mouse traps in slow motion
Snapping your finger in a mouse trap is pretty painful but have you ever wondered what its like to fall into 1000 of them? Don’t worry Youtubers ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ have that that covered for you. Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy gained millions of views and have become a viral sensation in their quest to find this answer.

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