Win 1 of 2 Kia Picanto's with Blue Route Mall
(20 Jul 2018)


Blue Route Mall win a Kia Competition

Win 1 of 2 Kia Picanto's with Blue Route Mall 

So you think you can shop? Prove it and win at Blue Route Mall!

Are you a retail therapy expert? A savvy shopper? A brilliant buyer? Then prove it by entering Blue Route Mall’s ‘So You Think You Can Shop’ competition for the chance to win one of two Kia Picantos worth over R130 000 each! 

How To Enter

Spend an amount of R250 (Two Hundred and Fifty Rands) on a single receipt (“Till Slip”) at any restaurant, shop or leisure venue at Blue Route Mall (“Participating Merchants”); and Complete an entry form which can be found at any of the Participating Merchants; and Drop the Entry Form with attached Till Slip into any of the entry boxes at any of the Participating Merchants.

Competition Details
Competition opens: 16 July 2018
Competition closes: 26 August 2018

Visit for more details and the Ts&Cs.


So You Think You Can Shop Terms and Conditions

This Competition, conducted and organisedby Blue Route Mall,is subject to these “T’s and C’s”, as may be amended from time to time. Please read the T’s and C’s carefully and pay special attention to all the terms printed in bold.
    1. This Competition is offered by Redefine Retail Proprietary Limited (Registration Number: 2012/079189/07) (“Landlord”).
    2. The Landlord will make a final and binding decision in respect of all matters relating to the results, qualifiers and disputes relating to the Competition and no correspondence will be entered into.
    3. If considered necessary, the Landlord reserves the right to amend the T’s and C’s by providing reasonable prior notice.

  2. RULES
    1. To enter the Competition a participant (“Participant”) must be in possession of a valid South African identity document and a driver’s license. A Participant must at least be 18 (eighteen) years or older.
    2. The Competition may not be entered into by any director, member, partner, employee, agent, consultant, and tenant of the Landlord at Blue Route Mall, and/or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members.
    3. The Competition runs from 16 July 2018 until 26 August 2018 (“Competition Period”). Any entries received outside of the Competition Period will not be taken into consideration.
    4. To enter the Competition, a Participant will be required, for the duration of the Competition Period to adhere to the following rules (“Rules”):-
      1. Visit Blue Route Mall; and
      2. Spend an amount of R250 (Two Hundred and Fifty Rands) on a single receipt (“Till Slip”) at any restaurant, shop or leisure venue at Blue Route Mall (“Participating Merchants”); and
      3. Complete an entry form (“Entry Form”) which can be found at any of the Participating Merchants; and
      4. Drop the Entry Form with attached Till Slip into any of the entry boxes (“Entry Boxes”) at any of the Participating Merchants. The following purchases will not be regarded as valid entries:
        1. Gift cards and vouchers;
        2. Bill payments, bank transactions, bank charges and services bills (such as electricity, rates and/or phone bills)
    5. Upon compliance with 2.4 a Participant will automatically be deemed to have entered the Competition.
    6. A Participant may enter as many times as he/she wishes during the Competition Period.

    1. For the duration of the Competition Period,the Landlord will conduct 2 (Two) lucky draws (“Draw”) which will be overseen by an independent auditor.
    2. Each Draw will yield 10 (Ten) finalists (“Finalists”).The Finalists will have the opportunity to participate in an endurance challenge (“Endurance Challenge”) to stand a chance to win one of 2 (Two) Kia Picanto 1.0 MT Start MY17 motor vehicles (“Prize”). The dates of the draws are as follows: Draw no.1
      1. Draw to be conducted on Monday, 6 August 2018;
      2. A list of the first group of Finalists will be made available at the Centre Management Office (“Centre Management”) on Monday, 6 August 2018;
      3. The Endurance Challenge for Draw no. 1 will take place on 11 August 2018 (“Challenge Date”).
      Draw no.2
      1. Draw to be conducted Monday, 26 August 2018;
      2. The second group of Finalists will be made available at Centre Management on Monday, 26 August 2018;
      3. The Challenge Date for Draw no. 2 will take place on 1 September 2018.
    3. The Landlord will use all reasonable efforts to contact the Finalists during working hours (9:00 – 17:00) (“Office Hours”) either telephonically or via email on the contact number or email address provided on the entry form by such Finalist.
    4. If the Landlord is unable to contact or reach the Finalist by 11h00 on each draw date, the entry by that Finalist will be disqualified and a further random drawing will be conducted by the Landlord to determine another Finalist. That Finalist will also be contacted by the Landlord via email or telephonically as soon as reasonably practicable.
    5. A Finalist will be required for the duration of the Endurance Challenge to comply with the following rules (“Challenge Rules”):
      1. Be present at Centre Management at 7am on the Endurance Challenge date allocated to him/her;and
      2. be required to place 1 (one) hand on the Prize for as long as they can.
    6. Finalists may not during the Endurance Challenge:
      1. Remove his/her hand of the vehicle;
      2. Swop hands (i.e. if they began holding the Prize with their left hand they must continue to hold onto the Prize with the same hand throughout the time and vice versa);
      3. be excused to use the toilet during this time. Finalists are not permitted to utilize nappies and/or urinate or defecate on themselves during this time. Should any Finalist engage in the abovementioned acts, such Finalist will be immediately disqualified and will be held liable for the costs of clean up and/or damaged suffered by the Landlord as a result thereof.
    7. During the Endurance Challenge Finalists may perform the following tasks and/or utilize the following items so long as they comply with the Challenge Rules:
      1. Stand, sit or stretch;
      2. Read;
      3. Consume food and/or beverages;
      4. Use their mobile, ipod’s, ipads and/or any other technological device they have in their possession during this time.
    8. The last Finalist holding on to the Prize during each Endurance Challenge will be the winner (“Winner”).
    9. None of the prizes are transferable and will not be changed or deferred for any reason whatsoever.
    10. All Winners must collect their prizes in person:
      1. Prizes are to be collected within 7 (seven) days of winning from:Kia Motors Diep River situated at 193 Main River, Cape Town;
      2. Prizes to be collected during Office Hours, from Monday to Sunday with prior notification;and
      3. Winners must present his/her identification document and valid driver’s license upon collection of the Prize.

    1. For the duration of the Competition Period, a copy of these T’s and C’s can, at no cost –
      1. be found on the following website (“Competition page”), or;
      2. be obtained from the Blue Route Mall Guest Relations Desk during week day Office Hours, or;
      3. be requested telephonically on telephone number 021 713 2360.
    2. The Landlord reserves the right to terminate the Competition with immediate effect before the end of the Competition Period at any time, if deemed necessary in its sole discretion or if circumstances arise outside of its control. No Participant will have any claim against the Landlord for such a termination.
    3. Participation in the Competition constitutes automatic acceptance of the T’s and C’s contained herein and the Participant agrees to abide by the T’s and C’s.
    4. Winners may not win any the Blue Route Mall Competition more than once in a 30-day period. Any winners drawn who have won in the last 30 days will be disqualified from any such Competition and another winner will be drawn.
    5. All Winners in respect of the Competition may be requested to be photographed so that their photographs may be used for future promotional post Competition purposes in relation to the Blue Route Mall. Promoting platforms will include the Blue Route Mall Facebook page, and website page and shopping Centre retail industry publications. No fees will be payable in this regard. The Winners will be given the opportunity to decline the publication of their images.
    6. The Landlord does not make any representations or give any warranties, whether express or implicit, that the Participant’s participation in this Competition will necessarily result in the Participant winning prize or that the aforesaid prizes will meet the Participant’s unique requirements, preferences, standards or expectations.
    7. Participants acknowledge that participation in the event may be physically demanding and are aware of the associated medical riskand to the extent permissible in law, the Landlord is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any accident, injury, harm, death, loss or damages of whatsoever nature, howsoever arising, as a result of the Participant’s participation in the Competition, unless the Landlord acted fraudulently or with gross negligence.
    8. Participants are obliged to comply with all applicable laws, including those laws protecting the intellectual property rights of other parties.
    9. These T’s and C’s will be construed, interpreted and enforced in terms of South African law.
    10. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Competition can be directed to the Landlord at 021 713 2360.

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