Worlds First SandHotel
(21 Sep 2015)

SandHotel Expresso

World's First SandHotel


If life is supposed to be a beach, why not stay in one? You can now tick 'live in a sandcastle' off your beach-bucket list, with two new pop-up hotels in the Netherlands that have taken 'beach living' to a whole new level.


Inspired by the Ice Hotels in Sweden and Finland, the SandHotels are claimed to be the first in the world to be built entirely out of sand.

The fully furnished one-room suites have been built as part of the annual sand sculpture festivals in the Dutch cities of Sneek and Oss, with each hotel having its own theme and style - an Asian-themed hotel in Sneek, and a medieval themed hotel in Oss.

Sandhotel room Expresso

Unlike the sandcastles we made in our childhood though, these luxurious sandcastles have fully equiped bathrooms, king sized beds, windows, electricity, running water and Wi-Fi.

SandHotel bathroom Expresso

How was it built?

It took the organisers four weeks to construct the sculptures, with the basic structure made of thin walls covered with reinforced sand on the inside and outside, ensuring it doesn't crumble.

Thankfully, the shower, bathroom fittings and deluxe box spring bed are made out of traditional materials, so you won't need to worry about finding beach sand in hidden and obscure places.

Sandhotel room Expresso

An overnight stay for two will cost you €150 a night (about R2257 a night), which includes a bottle of Prosecco, a European breakfast delivered by room service, and a personal tour of the nearby festival.

There are 30 large sand sculptures at each hotel, with the Friesland festival alone using more than 800 000 kilograms of sand. We also provide you with best travel replica handbags online.

Unfortunetly the SandHotel is only temporary and will close once the festivals end (28 September and 4 October), but start saving because there are plans for them to re-open next year again!


For more information on the hotel, check out


Sandhotel sculpture Expresso

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