Celebrity Sports Guests

Watch out for our sport celebrity and find out what they're up to both on and off the field.

» Dominique Scott-Efurd in Studio (17 Oct)

Professional athlete Dominique Scott-Efurd joined us

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Dominique Scott-Efurd in Studio
» Thando Manana: being a black Springbok (10 Oct)

Former Springbok rugby player Thando Manana, joined us in the studio to discuss his autobiography

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Thando Manana: being a black Springbok
» Motocross champ Kerim Fitz-Gerald (19 Sep)

We were joined in studio by South African motocross champion Kerim Fits-Gerald.

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Motocross champ Kerim Fitz-Gerald
» Fighting back with Ronald Dlamini (03 May)

The story of former MMA champion who lost his sight, Ronald Dlamini

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Fighting back with Ronald Dlamini
» Two Oceans Marathon (13 Apr)

The Two Oceans Marathon will be taking place this Easter Weekend in the Mother City, on the 14 and 15 April.

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Two Oceans Marathon
» South African Darts Champion (16 Mar)

South Africa’s darts champion, Devon ‘the Spartan’ Petersen joined us in the studio

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South African Darts Champion
» Cape Epic bike race (14 Mar)

Catch Cape Epic founder, Kevin Vermaak on Wednesday 15 March, as he explains what this year’s Cape Epic will entail

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Cape Epic bike race
» Wayde on Expresso (22 Feb)

Wayde Van Niekerk joined us on Expresso

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Wayde on Expresso
» MyMoneyStory - Roland Putsche & Aubrey Ngoma (17 Feb)

Cape Town City FC footballers, Roland Putsche and Aubrey Ngoma share how they handle their finances.

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MyMoneyStory - Roland Putsche & Aubrey Ngoma
» TBT: Proud SA Sporting Moments in History (23 Jun)

For Throwback Thursday, we are looking at some incredible sporting moments throughout South Africa’s history.

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TBT: Proud SA Sporting Moments in History

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