Dominique Scott-Efurd in Studio
(17 Oct 2017)

Dom Scott

Dominique Scott-Efurd in Studio

Professional athlete Dominique Scott-Efurd, recently joined us in the studio. She has been based in the USA, and we were lucky enough to have her with us during her time home.

She gained the attention of scouts from international universities while she was still at Rhenish Girls High School in Cape Town, when she had a personal-best times of 4:28 in the 1,500m, 9:40 in the 3,000m, and 34:28 in the 10K road race. While she still attended the University of Arkansas before graduating in 2015, she ran and received the 5th fastest 3000 metres indoor track and field in NCAA history. She may be based in the U.S.A , but Dominique still holds five South African indoor track records, that range over every distance from 800m to the 3000m.

Dominique is a long distance runner who represented South Africa at the 2016 Rio Olympics, in the 10 000m final, at the age of 24 years old. While competing in the Olympics, Dominique placed 21st in the Athletics Women's 10,000 metres with a personal best time of 31:51.47. In the US, she has set the a national mile, which is 1.609km, in New York with a time of 4:19.60. She set the mile in September this year, show off that she is truly at the top of her game, at the moment.

Connect with her
Facebook: Dominique Scott-Efurd
Twitter: @domscottrunSA
Instagram: @domscottrunsa

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