Fight allergies with Allergex ® Non Drowsy
(10 Aug 2020)


Fight allergies with Allergex ® Non Drowsy


Spring is around the corner but this can be a terrible time for people who suffer from allergies. 

Your eyes start itching, your nose starts running, you're sneezing every 10 seconds, but what does it all mean and why do we have allergies? We chatted to Prof Claudia Gray, Paediatrician and Allergist from Kidsallergy Centre. 

What is an allergy and what are the different types of seasonal allergies we may experience?
An allergy is an exaggerated immune response to something that should be harmless for example, eggs, nuts, medication, pollen or bee stings. 

People with respiratory allergens are affected by stimuli in the air such as mould, pollen and dust mites. 

How exactly are allergies triggered and what are the symptoms we should look out for? 

The response can either be in the nose with an allergic rhinitis or in chest.

In South Africa, the tree pollen season during August/September, while the grass pollen season is from September to February. 

When pollen is breathed in, chemicals, including histamines, are released to fight the allergen. 

These histamines cause symptoms like runny & itching nose, sore eyes etc. 

People have different symptoms and need to be tested for them. 

Are we born with allergies or do we develop them? 

Food allergies to things such as nuts, eggs, and milk often develop from an early age. There is a chance of out-growing some of these but there are certain allergies that develop later in life. For example, shellfish allergies. 

Allergies run in the family genetically, but they won't always manifest depending on environmental factors, timing of exposure to the allergens and the degree of the exposure to the allergen. 

Things like seasonal allergies can get worse over time. 

Toddlers are more likely to suffer from indoor allergens such as dust mites, dogs, cats and mould. 

As children grow older, they have increased exposure to grass, tree and pollen allergens. 

Allergies can be outgrown in some cases, but some people get worse with every year. 


How can we best manage allergies or is this something that can be cured?

 If you suspect you have allergies, a visit to an allergist can give you an accurate diagnosis. 

Don't assume that you are allergic because you may have multiple colds. 

Tests can identify your personal allergies and what to do about them. 

Once you have identified your allergens, do some reduction techniques. 

Fluffy toys and blankets can be big culprits and reducing exposure to them can help greatly. 

Washing sheets at high temparatures can kill dust mites. 

If you suffer from grass allergies, avoid freshly cut grass and limit exposure at dawn and dusk. 

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, come in and change your clothes incase that they have pollen on them. 

Allergex ® Non Drowsy can assist with allergy relief for the entire day. We all deserve to enjoy life allergy Free.

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