How To: Shower with 5L
(06 Mar 2018)

Shana Kreusch's Water Saving Shower

Credit: Shana Kreusch

How To: Shower with 5L

Since the national drought crisis has reached critical point, people have been taking to social media to share water conservation tips with each other. One such post made by Shana Kreusch, detailing how to have a complete wash with just 5 litres of water, has gone viral and caught Expresso's attention. Shana takes Ewan Strydom through how simple this process is.

Here is her post that she wrote on the Water Shedding Western Cape Group on Facebook:

Guys. I did it. I brushed teeth, showered, shaved and washed and conditioned my hair, using 5L of water, and caught it all to use to flush the toilet tonight. To be honest, it was actually so easy, I'm aiming for 4L tomorrow.

Here's how:

1. Measure 5L hot water into a smallish bucket.
2. Take a quarter glass out to brush your teeth.
3. Wash your face. Best done first.
4. Flip your hair over the bucket and using a jug wet it.
5. Rinse over the bucket to catch all the water you shower with.
6. Repeat 4 and 5 to condition.
7. Soap up
8. Rinse yourself using the jug. Stand in a bigger container while you do this to catch all the water for your toilet.
9. Shave (do this last otherwise it's gross).

I thought it would be impossible but this is so doable! Try it tomorrow and challenge a friend to so the same. This thing is real.

After the post started getting traction, some comments highlighting the reality that there are people who don’t have the luxury of running tap water, prompted Shana to add this to her post:

*EDIT - After some great and challenging conversation over this, I realise it's important to acknowledge that thousands upon thousands in our city live like this every day. Except they don't get to fill the bucket with hot water, from a tap, in a bathroom, in a house. I certainly hope that through this, and through conversation, we can acknowledge the inequality of our privilege, and that this thing would become less about water and more about tackling some of the injustices around us.*

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