Jamie-Lee Domburg
(11 Feb 2020)


Expresso presenter Jamie-Lee Domburg

Jamie-Lee Domburg 

Jamie-Lee Domburg (26) is model, single mom and now part of the Expresso family after winning the Presenter Search on 3 on 30 October 2019.

A humble girl from Strauss Avenue, Steenberg in Cape Town, Jamie-Lee’s heart has always been in the arts and entertainment industry. She was a dancer throughout her school career at Harmony Primary and Steenberg High School and studied theatre at the Cape Academy of Dramatic Arts.

After her studies she ventured into the exciting world of cruise ships. She worked as a Master of Ceremonies for a number of years and honed her gift of speaking to and connecting with people. ‘It was on the ships that I learned I had a gift to keep people’s attention’ she said.

Jamie-Lee has embraced her curvaceous figure and has been in numerous campaigns as a plus-size model. ‘It’s my time to use this platform, that everybody can see it doesn’t matter what you look like or your size – everybody has the talent and the potential to be extraordinary’ says Jamie-Lee. She believes that people want celebrities that are real and relatable, and she wants to inspire people to go beyond what they the believed was possible. ‘They must think if I can do it, they can do it too’. 

Jamie-Lee entered Presenter Search on 3 because she saw it as a great platform to do good. "I watched the 2015 Presenter Search and today everybody who was in the Top 10 back then, now have an established brands" she said.

Jamie-Lee’s biggest supporter, is her mom Patricia Domburg. She always envisioned great things for her daughter. “I am the proudest mom right now. Raising Jamie alone wasn’t easy but it was worth it. We had faith and believed that even if she didn’t make it that there would be someone out there who would see her potential because she is made for this.”

“Jamie has proved that it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are and no matter where you come from, you can make it.” Patricia added.

Jamie-Lee’s message to people wanting to follow their dreams, “Put yourself out there. Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to take that leap of faith. Also be authentically and unapologetically you. People love seeing the real you not a version of another person so just be you.”


Connect with Jamie on social media:
Instagram: @jamie_domburg
Twitter: @Jamie_Domburg


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» Jamie-Lee Domburg 

Jamie-Lee Domburg is model, single mom and now part of the Expresso family after winning the Presenter Search on 3 in October 2019.

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Jamie-Lee Domburg


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