Lockdown Home Schooling Tips
(12 Aug 2020)


Lockdown Home Schooling Tips

While grades 12 and 7 learners are back at school, the rest of South African households are having to do with home-schooling.

Registered Counsellor, Shenaaz Moos from 'Happy Confident Me', joined us to share some tips on how parents can better deal with the role of educator that has suddenly been thrust upon them. And, how parents can better assist their children in learning during this time. 

1. Always value the parent-child relationship above the teacher-child relationship.

2. When working alongside your child, work with their temperament in mind. This entails bearing with them with regards to their struggles and difficulties. 

3. Have fun! Kids learn more when they have fun! 

4. The pandemic & lockdown isn't going to last forever. Stick by your kids in this season until you get to the other side. 

Visit www.happyconfidentme.co.za for more helpful resources from Shenaaz Moos. 

Watch her tips here: 



Activities for Kids to Stay Mentally Stimulated at Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced our children to stay at home for an extended period of time. This has led to boredom, sadness and frustration amongst our youth. But there are a number of ways to keep children happy and mentally stimulated while at home.

Chairperson of the Social African Association for Social Workers in Private Practice, Paula Hildebrand joined us tell us more. 

✏️ Create safety emotionally within the family. A culture of learning should be cultivated so that children are comfortable with learning new things.

✏️ Do outdoor activities as a family.

✏️ Let them connect with their friends on social media under your supervision. Devices are important for learning as well as communication. Paula advises parents to look at the age of their kids in relation to what they need technology for.

Under 2 year olds should not have digital interaction. 

Over 2 year olds cannot workout 2D to 3D, so the parents need to be more interactive in parenting. 

There are many educational games for 3 to 5 year olds but the parent must co-view their screen. 

Ask if the digital space is replacing anything? For example, good sleep, playing outdoors or face-face conversations. This is when it becomes harmful. 


Home-Schooling Tips from Specialist High School Maths Tutor

Brad Taylor joined us to provide some tips from an educator’s perspective on how to best handle and approach home-schooling, as well as the challenging circumstances parents now find themselves in. 

In addition to being a father of 3, he’s also a Life Coach and Independent Facilitator of ‘Parenting the Love and Logic Way’ curriculum. 

Question 1: Should parents worry about their child falling behind during lockdown? 

Answer 1: If you've been consistently working with your child through lockdown on school work, cut yourself some slack and enjoy some play time with your child.

There is an issue when teenagers are given too much free time during lockdown. They could be gaming, binging the latest series, on social media until 12am.

The solution would be to set collaborative boundaries, systems and structures for your teen children. 

Question 2: What do you do with a parent who’s already overwhelmed with financial stresses and work pressures, and keeping their kids safe, and now there’s the burden of making sure their kids are still learning. What words do you have to share for parents feeling overwhelmed? 

Answer 2: View yourself as and engage with your kids as a family unit team, not just letting one or two people carry all the weight and responsibilities. 

Use something simple like star charts where each family member comes up with habits they want to form and at the end of each week, family members get tokens for what they've achieved. 

Use this period as a time to cull that things you don't have the time, money or head space to do.


Question 3: What tips can you give parents to help them avoid burnout? 

Answer 3: There is power in anticipation. Bring back things that you can look forward to personally and as a family. 

Create rythmns and norms like exercising together, going out on walks, doing fun activities, Zoom calls with family and dating your partner intentionally, watching a movie together in a home-made fort. etc. 

Try to express gratitude as often as possible. There is so much to be grateful for and focussing on that helps you stay positive. 


If you'd like more tips, contact Brad: bradtaylorsemail@gmail.com

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