Samsung Galaxy Studio Experience
(11 Apr 2016)

Samsung Galaxy Studio Joburg Expresso

Samsung Galaxy Studio Experience

Ever wished you could step into the future and see how technology could work together in our everyday life? Well, all you have to do to experience that, is to step into the Samsung Galaxy Studio and immerse yourself in a world of integrated technology not only for improving communication, but also taking entertainment to the next level.

Samsung’s roadshow studio brings a unique experience from country to country, and this year is no exception. With a product range that pushes the boundaries of what we think personal communication devices are capable of, Samsung have reinvented the language of expression.

The Samsung Galaxy Studios have been designed to give us a sneak peek at how Galaxy technology has changed ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences.
By introducing an ecosystem of connected devices,consumers have better control of their daily needs with through a seamless mobile experiences – and by visiting the studio, you can immerse yourself in Samsung’s range of Galaxy devices and experience the Galaxy ecosystem first hand.

Galaxy S7 and VR Headset Expresso

Some of the Samsung technology that you can experience first hand includes the Galaxy S7 – a smartphone that is reinventing what a phone can do. In terms of the camera, Samsung have incorporated the revolutionary Dual Pixel technology, normally only reserved for professional-cameras, ensuring a much faster auto-focus functionality, so you'll always be sure to snap that memory.

What's more, Samsung have also focused on low light conditions, allowing you to take those perfect shots in low light areas, like a party or a club, with a brighter lens and larger pixels.

One piece of Samsung technology that is breaking the boundaries of what a phone can do is the the Gear 360 camera, and the Gear VR headset. The Gear 360 Camera, and VR headset give consumers the ability to create their own 360 and virtual reality content – something which has not been possible in the past.

Watching movies and playing video games with these devices coupled with the S7 becomes a completely immersive experience, and so much more exciting! Gear 360 is designed for travel, festive gatherings and every activity in between to provide an all-encompassing visual show.
So whether wanting to play a game, take a virtual vacation or watch a movie, the possibilities with Gear VR, together with the Galaxy S7, are limitless!

The Galaxy Studio is more than just a store, it’s a technology-packed playground that brings you up close and personal with a new standard in the way we communicate with each other. Not only are they demonstrating what can be done with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem right now, but also giving customers a taste of what to expect in the future.

If you'd like to see first hand what the Samsung Galaxy Studio is all about, get down to Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, and get ready to loose yourself in the Galaxy ecosystem!




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