TBT: Japanese TV Shows
(25 Feb 2016)

Ash Pokemon Expresso

TBT: Japanese TV Shows

Consisting of card trading games, tazos, video games, a TV series and bunch animated movies – Pokemon has definitely been one of the biggest Japanese exports of all time!

This week the Pokemon franchise celebrates its 20th birthday, so for ‘Throwback Thursday’, we’re celebrating by looking back at Pokemon and some of the other most popular Japanese TV shows of all time.


Pokemon Throwback Thursday Expresso

The first Pokemon video game appeared in February 1996 and was an instant hit in Japan in around the world.

The Pokemon TV series aired its first episode in April 1997, and is still running and showing in 74 countries around the world including South Africa. The series also had eighteen spin-off films already, with another one being released in July this year!

The series follows the adventures of 10 year old Ash Ketchum on his journey to catch Pokemon pocket monsters and become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time!

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Throwback Thursday Expresso

Another animated TV series that has had plenty of success in South Africa and around the world, is the ‘Dragon Ball’.
‘Dragon Ball’ and its sequal series ‘Dragon Ball Z’ follows a character named ‘Goku’ and his friends on their adventures as they defend Earth against a whole bunch of villains.
The show first aired in Japan back in 1986, but only made its debut on South African television on SABC2 in the late 90's.

Heidi, Girl of the Alps

Heidi Throwback Thursday Expresso

You might remember the very popular Heidi show we used to watch here in South Africa in the 1980s. Did you know that this Afrikaans show was actually a dubbed version of a very popular Japanese show called ‘Heidi, Girl of the Alphs’?

Based on a Swiss novel, the show was made, written and produced in Japan. The show has been dubbed into many languages, and here in South Africa we had the German intro and title song played before each episode - not the original Japanese one.

The Adventures of Peter Pan

Peter Pan Throwback Thursday Expresso

Another Japanese animated show that was hugely popular here in South Africa is the ‘Adventures of Peter Pan’.
The show was made by the same creators of Heidi, and first aired in Japan in 1989. It wasn’t until later in the 90's that the show made its Afrikaans debut in South Africa on SABC1.

What's your favourite childhood cartoon? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter Pages! Kawaii!




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