The Ford EcoSport Challenge EP5
(12 Jul 2017)

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The Ford EcoSport Challenge EP5

Episode 5: The Art Challenge

Two Expresso presenters, two cities and a one great big adventure - this is the Ford EcoSport Challenge! Zoe and Ewan will put their driving skills and wits to the test as they solve clues and complete a series of challenges until one is crowned the winner. With a little help from celebrity friends, these urban adventurers have to accumulate points along their journey on a road with plenty of twists and turns. It’s time to #GetBusy as Zoe and Ewan are handed the keys to their Ford EcoSport and discover their first clue ready and waiting. Join them on their adventure as they conquer all!

Last Week’s Fitness Challenge created a miles-apart gap between Ewan and Zoe, when Ewan unexpectedly decided to forfeit the Burger Challenge, in favor of savoring every bite!

With Zoe so far ahead, Ewan will have to have all his wits about him in these next challenges – but the main question is – will he conquer them well enough to close the gap? We’ll have to wait and find out

The morning was off to a difficult start where our duo went head to head in a driving challenge – The Art of Driving, they had to weave through cones, without touching any of them – Sound easy? That’s what they thought – after they weaved through, they had to do it again backwards all while being timed and ending with an alley dock parking!

Ewan car
Ewan car2

Ewan though he had this one in the bag when he looked at the course at ADI Driving School in Randbug, but little did he know, Zoe was speeding through the test with ease at the Green Point Stadium with DriveCo Driving Academy and she finished in an incredible time of just 52 seconds!!! Winning her the first challenge!

zoe car
zoe car2

But the day was just getting started! Next up, our dynamic duo headed off to a secret location that was bustling with Art!

For Zoe it was the highly esteemed and magnificent Ellerman House, which is haven to all of the most renowned artists works! Not only is it a piece of heaven for the Artwork, but it’s one of the most luxurious hotels in Cape Town, with views second to none!

ellerman house

There was no better place to explore art than the Art-Filled Maboneng Precinct where renowned street artists work is the talk of Jozi!


Zoe chose to recreate one of Lionel Smits fragmented pieces and although her efforts paid off she lots five points for cheating by using an earring to add some finer details!

zoe art
zoe art2zoe art3

Ewan created a more abstract piece of art, and for someone who claims to not be very creative, he really took some inspiration from his piece!

ewan art
ewan art2
It was a valiant effort by both and we think they had a great time too! But with more challenges coming up – it’s still difficult to tell if Ewan will be able to take the lead or if Zoe’s already bagged her win!

Places Visited:

DriveCo Driving Academy

Ellerman House
Bantry Bay, Cape Town

ADI Driving School
Randburg, Johanneburg

Maboneng Precinct

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