Your pet questions answered
(01 May 2020)


Your pet questions answered


Dr. Karien's tips: 

1. Find the motivation behind your dogs hunger and treat accordingly. 

2. Anxiety caused by moving houses or being around new people can cause dogs to overeat. 

3. Poor quality dog food may be leaving your dog hungry. 

4. Medical conditions such as intestinal parasites will cause malabsorption of nutrients and lead to excessive hunger. 

5. Cushing disease: When a dog's body releases too much cortisone. 

6. Pancreatic Exocrine insufficiency: A condition that causes food not to be properly digested. 


Dr. Karien's tips: 

1. Help alleviate constipation by providing adequate water for your cat. 

2. Use tuna water as a drink for your cats. The good taste will encourage more drinking. 

3. Overweight cats will struggle with costipation and need a healthier, balanced diet. 

4. Buy special diet metabolic. Ultra cat's metabolic food has been formulated to ensure the highest quality weight management for your cat. 

5. Play with your cat to increase their exercise and kickstart their weightloss journey. 

6. Add more litter boxes to your home to give your cat more places to defecate. 


Dr. Karien's tips: 

1. Puppies will chew items when they are teething. 

2. Don't hit your puppy. Rather use verbal commands like, 'NO!' and 'OUCH'

3. After you have reprimanded your puppy, ignore them for 5 minutes. They lack of attention may ignite a change of behaviour. 


Dr. Karien's tips: 

1. Switching to a hypo-allergenic diet can provide relief for your dog. 

2. Aloe-Vera gel can provide relief from grass-based allergies. 

3. Visit the vet for prescribed medications to treat allergies. 

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