Expression with Katlego Maboe

by Katlego Maboe

Expresso presenter Katlego Maboe shares his view on his Hublot Replica blog

Video update on my Crazy Life                 08 June 2011

This is Anele Mdoda after totally ruining the shortbread mix ..this is what she had to say for herself...

                                  We Hosted the legendary "Bra" Hugh Masekela. 
Here's what he had to say about his Expresso experience!

             Expresso Plus 1 - The adventure begins as I capture golden moments behind the scenes! 
Check it out, this is what happens when the cameras go off!



You HAVE to read this...NO you don’t!!!

28 January 2011

Ok, thank you for deciding to read further on.  Can you imagine what it would’ve been like if you hadn’t? The theme would’ve been its own worst enemy. Now I can begin to explain why I decided to use such a divisive title...

The world we live in is not perfect, I don’t think that it has ever been, except for that one moment when SA was announced as 2010 World Cup hosts and we all felt that this was the beginning of a greater “WE”.  Almost on a daily basis we are bombarded with bad news, “government is doing this and NOT doing that”, “taxes are higher than ever before”, “South Africa is never going to make it...”. Yes, some of this may be true and some not, but my question is this – “Do you HAVE to live your life by it?” 

All too often it seems like some people allow their lives to become products of their environmental factors. It is like they are trapped in a box in which the world deposits all its unwanted waste and they give themselves no choice but to build their reality on what they see and hear. Yes, they “give” themselves no other choice.  You see, choice is a beautiful thing because it does just that, it allows you to choose. Do you HAVE to go to work in the morning? Do you HAVE to brush your teeth? Although the former question may seem more important than the latter, the essence is one and the same. You don’t HAVE to do anything. Yes, the consequences of whether or not you choose to do things are still real and must be dealt with, but this does not obligate you to do them. It merely depends on whether or not you can deal with them.

Yes, it is true that no one is dealt the same hand and the table is not always kind, but in the unforgiving terrain of nature where the rules are boiled down to a simple “eat or be eaten”, does a springbok decide to sit and wait for a lion to devour it? Or does it celebrate everyday of life running freely across the veld leaping and feasting on the sweet grass that nourishes its body? You have a choice to live everyday as you wish. Some choices are tougher to make, but they are still choices.

The last comprehensive offering of vintage hublot replica was Bonhams’s sale of the 82 vintage Heuer chronographs in the replica collection, in December 2010. The Hublot market has changed dramatically since then, marked particularly by a recent explosion in prices of 1960s Autavias.

In sharing these thoughts with you I do not profess to live in a perfect world, quite far from it, and I too am faced with difficult choices daily.
We each have certain times when our little light shines a little brighter...and it is then, when we are obligated to raise it up high and light the way for our fellow man.

ONE LOVE to you all!!!

My Happiness Economics

21 January 2011

The pursuit of happiness is not only an award nominated Hollywood movie, it is also the reality we all live, everyday. Think about it, whether it is to work hard for that paycheque at end of the month or playing a good game of “30 seconds”, everything we do is aimed at gaining some measure of positive fulfilment. It is with this sentiment and the realm of possibility out there that I propose the following theory:

AM + H = P + E...


...Ok let me break this down... I would like to believe that if you woke up in the morning (AM) feeling good, energised and happy (H), you could increase your productivity (P) at work or in life in general and thus better the economy (E).  My reference to economy (E), in this regard, is a description of the broader concept and thus includes all forms of economics (socio-, financial-, micro-, welfare- etc.).  Studies have been done on the topic of “Happiness Economics” where happiness, positive and negative affect, well-being, quality of life, life satisfaction among others are analysed as products of economic activity  (see 

I, on the other hand, would like to take on a different stance and say that I believe a happier nation is a more productive nation. The reason I believe so strongly in this theory is because I see the evidence thereof everyday in my own life.  When I wake up in the mornings I am one of those lucky people that have happiness written all over me. I don’t know, maybe it is because I don’t like sleeping (ok that is not true) or maybe it is the wonderful feeling that fills me to know that I am blessed to be alive (this Hublot Replica is true). Either way, I am happy when I rise on a new day.  As a result of this happiness I get to work and feel like I am a child at a park filled with friends. 

Throughout my day I execute each task more effectively and efficiently and I have a desire to do more, to be better and make the lives of those around me more exciting, more enjoyable... Just the thought makes me want to get up and jump for joy. No, this is not a mental disorder it is the product of happiness in my life. Imagine a South Africa where we all started our days feeling like that...Happy as can be and with an untamable energy to live...what a wonderful world that could be.

So now the obvious question is, how does one acquire this illusive cup of happiness? Well, the pursuit of happiness continues for us all, but I think I may have a clue to this treasure hunt...and that my dear friends, lies in a cup of eXpresso every morning.

...but hey, I’m just a dreamer and in this world, anything is possible...

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